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Rajesh Vaidhya plays the “veena,” a sitar-like instrument (video)

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Rajesh Vaidhya is a master of a large stringed instrument of the sitar family called a “veena.”

Unsung hero (a video on the importance of good deeds)

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A bit hokey, but heart-warming, video about the value of doing small good deeds every day.

1980s Televangelist or Old TV Video Game? (video)

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Street Fighter Church Edition. Reimagining those 1980s TV evangelists as old-school video games.

An & Ria take their hilarious first flight at ages 72 & 78 (video)

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“This was the best day of my life.”

Wil Wheaton on being a nerd (video)

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“There’s 50,000 people here who went through the exact same thing, and we’re all doing really well.”

Baby sloths squeak! (video)

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60 seconds of nothing but baby sloths squeaking. I’m in lurv.
Patient pre-transplant, showing the patchy areas the patient wanted filled. (Courtesy of Modena Hair Institute)

Apparently hipsters are getting beard transplants (video)

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The cost is between $5,000 and $15,000.
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