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Pete Sessions and The Alliance of Magicians. Thanks to James N. for the photo.

This House Resolution in support of magic is WAY too real

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A group of anti-science Republicans are trying to pass a resolution literally promoting magic. Seriously.
House of Cards flag, via Wikimedia Commons

A spoiler-free review of House of Cards Season 4: Episodes 1-3

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Wishful, wistful themes and missed opportunities to accurately dramatize contemporary American politics.
Areas of the brain associated with Christmas (Image:

Researchers discover the location of the “Christmas spirit” in the human brain

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No word yet on the neuroscience of humbug.

Happy Holidays!

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I’m headed across the border to Brazil for a week or so. Regularly scheduled blogging will resume on the 5th.

House Republicans save Christmas

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Pack it up, folks. The War on Christmas is over.
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WATCH: French father and son have touching conversation about Paris attacks

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How do you explain mass violence to a toddler? Here’s how.
One of the SFW pictures posted to the event.

French citizens plan satirical orgy in response to Paris attacks

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Sometimes you have to cope with humor.
The Obelisk in Buenos Aires, via David Stanley / Flickr


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Some personal news: I moved! To Argentina!
Apocalypse, via Pixabay

When is the apocalypse happening? Tomorrow? Well, dang.

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According to a revised prediction, the end of the world is happening…soon.
Crystal O'Connor of Memories Pizza, screenshot via YouTube

Memories Pizza accidentally caters a gay wedding

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Now that they’ve popped their gay wedding cherry, why not do it again?
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