More “Freaky, the Scary Snowman”

Another visit with my favorite scary snowman…

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6 Responses to “More “Freaky, the Scary Snowman””

  1. milli2 says:

    My thought too.

  2. Funny. Probably shouldn’t have been scaring them by moving cars, though.

  3. says:

    Cool Games!

  4. HereinDC says:

    Here ‘son FACEBOOK :)

  5. A reader in Colorado says:

    Well, at one level I’m amused by it, but at another level,fascinated.

    This is just the predator/prey interaction. An object that is presumed to be inanimate, that suddenly moves, understandably frightens people in the sense of an animal lying in wait and then suddenly moving to prey on them. It’s a million year old reaction played out with a snowman. The fear response is written into the DNA. It’s interesting, the various levels at which it makes people jump. I notice the men still jump, even if less than some women.

  6. houstonray says:

    I love that…. :-)

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