Cheesy French 60s videos are the bomb

A French friend, Sylvain, posted this on Facebook, it made me smile.

“Mon truc en plumes” means, roughly, “my feathery thing.” I’d be curious if anyone has a better translation of the title in French.

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5 Responses to “Cheesy French 60s videos are the bomb”

  1. microdot says:

    Gainsbourg was a pop genius. You would love him, if you love this, check out his Bonnie and Clyde video with Bridgette Bardot! He was married to Jane Birkin and created some iconic pop with her. Perhaps he is most infamous for his drunken appearance with Whitney Houston on Michel Druckers show back in the 80’s….He literally destroyed himself gloriously in public…and keft a lot of great art in his wake. Check this out, the seemingly innocent pop song he wrote for France Gall back in the early 60’s:

  2. GaiusPublius says:

    More on Serge Gainsbourg here, in a discussion of “PoupĂ©e de cire” by Arcade Fire and earlier, France Gall:


  3. Ah ok. Have heard of him, though don’t know his music. Know he’s big over there.

  4. jasper says:

    serge gainsbourg wrote the lyrics, suggesting that much of it is not easily translatable into english.

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