Another cool video of a guy skiing everywhere he shouldn’t

Might be filmed in Canada, might be US – though my bet is on Canada – seems he’s Canadian.

This is apparently a promo for a larger film, but the description on Vimeo has left me confused.

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10 Responses to “Another cool video of a guy skiing everywhere he shouldn’t”

  1. LoriWisconsin says:

    Music cool, creativity cool, cheap sport also cool.
    Not cool: kids will die trying this, dangerous with traffic (for folks walking, on bicycles, in cars/busses and of course the skier), dangerous with trees, etc. Worst part is the nonconsensual danger – those skiing kids can’t stop if traffic comes on the street. Selfish and stupid fun. Really dumb idea.

  2. Dan in Houston says:

    Googling the street sign at the start of the video suggests its in the UK, in Euston.

  3. Tatts says:

    Cool music.
    LCD Soundsystem (Google is my friend “Dance Yrself Clean”)

  4. BeccaM says:

    That is some of the most beautiful camera work I’ve ever seen… and yes, the skiing is awesome. Guy must run through several pairs of skis each winter though.

  5. mysticl says:

    If you look close there is a label that pops up in the video lower left corner near the beginning of the video.

  6. Kartoon says:

    The bus is certainly BCTransit. The tall stacks suggest Trail BC in the Columbia River valley just north of the border. There is a big smelter there which melts down discarded electronics gear amongst other noxious things.

  7. tomtallis says:

    Uh, John. The bus that pulls up at the end says “BC Transport” on the front. Definitely Canada; definitely British Columbia.

  8. mirror says:

    Even without the skiing, it would be worth watching for the camera work alone. beautiful

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