Compilation of Mr. Rogers intros over 33 years (video)

Call him the original “It Gets Better.”  Mr. Rogers seemed a necessary change of subject from Walmart’s mom-dismembering gun shopper.

Truth be told, I was more of a Captain Kangaroo fan than a Mr. Rogers aficionado. With only one TV in the house, and no VCR in the 60s (and no color TV either), it was a always battle between my brother, who wanted to watch Ray Rayner, and me and the Captain.

I ran into Captain Kangaroo coming out of a store in downtown Chicago when I was in college. Almost wet myself. It’s funny the impact some of these figures have on our lives, and we don’t even realize it.

First, a photo gallery of Mr. Rogers over the years (you need to scroll down once you get to each new page), taken from a video compilation of Mr. Rogers singing the opening song over 33 years, which I post below.  Then a little feedback from Fox News about why they think Mr. Rogers is evil.

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Now check out this Fox News broadcast from 2010 in which they explain why Mr. Rogers is “evil.”  You see, according to Fox, by telling kids that they’re “special” just for who they are, he created an entitlement culture where they now want everything for free, or as Paul Ryan would call them, they’re “takers” – the 47%.  Fox suggests that Mr. Rogers should have told kids:

“The world owes you nothing.  If you’re [garbled] you gotta prove it. All these people, these kids, are going to college, say ‘okay I got a B, I need an A.’ Because I’m special…. That man, unintentionally, did a whole generation or two a disservice.”

Yeah, Mr. Rogers is a socialist.  Who isn’t to these people?  Fox is an entire TV network built on hate and intolerance, which makes sense since it’s the propaganda organ of a political party built on hate and intolerance.

And here finally is Dr. Evil himself, over four decades:

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