Freak the Scary St. Paddy’s Day Snowman (video)

I love this guy. Posted a number of his vids around Christmas-time. This one is pretty good too.

It’s pretty simple. Guy dresses up in snowman outfit. Scares people who don’t realize there’s someone in there.

My favorite is the last one where the pedestrian is being a bit of a jerk and then….

1. Being a bit of a jerk: “Looks like a bunch of birdsh*t.”


2. Gotcha!


A classic.

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3 Responses to “Freak the Scary St. Paddy’s Day Snowman (video)”

  1. keirmeister says:

    The reactions are fun, but I think the payoff is the clutch-the-pearls scream the guy gives at the end. It took a few minutes to recover from laughing too hard! :)

  2. JozefAL says:

    The gag might work better if the idiot editing the clip didn’t just focus on the “reaction” shot. I mean, I guess it’s fine if you just like hearing a bunch of idiots screaming but I think I would’ve preferred seeing the set-ups before the screams. (And obviously, a bunch of people already knew the score–like the woman who says something about “it’s back.”) As it was, I felt I wasted 3 and a half minutes.

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