2 year old’s first bike ride without training wheels (video)

Most of us remember the first time we rode a two-wheel bike, but this parent captured it on a great video.

And most of us were probably a bit older than two years old.

This seemed like a good time to share something a little lighter and happier.

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6 Responses to “2 year old’s first bike ride without training wheels (video)”

  1. SI Reasoning says:

    My 5 year old just biked 34 miles on his 6 speed, with knobby tires no less in around 4 hours riding time averaging 8mph. We would take a short break approx every 5 miles for him to throw rocks in the stream or snack at a train depot, etc. So what does a 5 year old do after biking 34 miles? Well mine jumped off his bike and RAN over to where the kids camp was and played hard (including biking with them around the campground) and stayed up until about midnight. He then got up the next day and biked another 13 miles even though his legs were dead….

  2. SkippyFlipjack says:

    Cute video. A lot of kids nowadays don’t start off with training wheels, they ride those pedal-less strider bikes, so get the hang of things earlier. The idea is that the tough part about riding a bike is not pedaling but balance, so striders teach balance and let you add the complication of pedaling later.

  3. olandp says:

    At 2 I had a tricycle, they didn’t even make bicycles that small in the olden days. The training wheels came off when I was 5 or 6, it was scary.

    Just a note, if he falls that helmet won’t be any help, those straps need to be tightened so it doesn’t fall off. Never ride without a helmet.

  4. RyansTake says:

    Where’s the part when he panics and accidents rides right into a parked car? Because that’s what I did when I first took off my training wheels LOL. It took me years before I rode a bike again.

  5. George Melby says:

    I don’t care what people think… THAT… was cute!

  6. Just_AC says:

    I’m sorry – the kid looks older than two

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