Mom and dad surprise kids with news they’re having twins (video)

A mom and dad find a unique way to surprise their two young daughters with the news they’re having twins.

Initially the one older girl’s reaction was unclear – but we find out she’s actually happy.  It’s kind of amazing to see a kid this young react this emotionally to the news.

Of course, the younger girl asks if she can eat it. LOL


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5 Responses to “Mom and dad surprise kids with news they’re having twins (video)”

  1. milli2 says:

    I love the reaction of the little girl on the right when mom says she has pictures. Like how do you have pictures of something that’s in your belly ……..

  2. Cletus says:

    It still comes to mind. Daily. Even after seventeen years.

  3. LOL Oh, I cant’ even imagine having twins. Having one puppy was enough for me. I love kids, but I think I’d throw myself over the balcony with two.

  4. Future drama queen!

  5. Cletus says:

    That’s the reaction of a child who doesn’t know how to react so she picked the reaction she thought most appropriate. Notice how quickly she got over it? BTW, as the father of twins, I can confidently say none of them have a clue of what they’re in for…

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