Moms try to play video games with their kids, hilarity ensues (video)

Comedian Jimmy Fallon had viewers take videos of themselves playing video games with their moms. Hilarity ensues.


Several of these are my mother, and the first one is clearly my grandmother and numerous female relatives: “You know, this is a devil’s game.”  A very neat idea for a segment.  You’ll enjoy this one.

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5 Responses to “Moms try to play video games with their kids, hilarity ensues (video)”

  1. dula says:

    True dear, but it never seems to last that long.

  2. LOL you know, that’s the best justification I’ve heard yet for showing these vids. I meant it more as breathing room between angry posts :) But that’s not a bad rationale either, to remind people that sometimes it’s good and just not to hate each other :)

  3. BeccaM says:

    My wife and I are both old enough to be grandparents. Actually she’s technically old enough to be a great grandparent.

    And we’re both avid gamers. At present, she’s playing Skyrim (again, with the extra expansions) and Morrowind (just because). Me, I’m enjoying Far Cry 3. Before that, it was Batman: Arkham City. And of course the Mass Effect series (did not like the ending though). I’ll probably try Assassin’s Creed III when the price drops into the discount range. (More often than not, those $60-70 games can be gotten for $20 or less eight to twelve months after initial release.)

    Our last major online game was Guild Wars 2, but we kinda played that one out, both with a whole slew of level 80 characters and got kinda bored with the end-game content. We’re looking forward to when Elder Scrolls Online comes out.

  4. dula says:

    Thanks. It’s good for me to remember that when politics are not discussed I really have warm feelings toward other people. They all seemed so sweet and adorable. I bet some of them were even Republicans.

  5. cole3244 says:

    moms rock, but you already knew that, the last one was a gas.

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