Chicago newscaster gets even with people waving to get on camera (video)

This is from a few years ago, but I’d never seen it. It’s of Pat Tomasulo, a Chicago TV news personality with WGN who found a way to get even with people who wave at the camera while he’s doing remote newscasts.


The best part is the extent to which the people are so blown away and thrown off-guard by his questions. Such as when he stopped a group of young guys who were trying to get in the frame, asked them if they wanted to get on camera – they said sure – so he proceeded to interview them about the fact that they like to wear women’s panties:


And here he is with “Mr. International Leather 2009”:

Pat Tomasulo

Here’s the video:

And here’s part 2 of Pat’s counter-attack:

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12 Responses to “Chicago newscaster gets even with people waving to get on camera (video)”

  1. fletcher says:

    To set the record straight, Tamasulo is part of WGN’s five-hour morning program of which news is merely a component. The program also contains entertainment including local bands, celebrity interviews, a news of the weird segment, cooking segments, comedy bits, weather and traffic reports every 10 minutes and frequent ordinary person comment segments. The accent is to keep the non-news segments light. The bit shown here is not out of the ordinary for the program. WGN runs two more serious news programs later in the day.

  2. Steve Groh says:

    I guess getting a job in the third largest TV market in the U.S. doesn’t mean you have to bring professionalism to the job. He isn’t a journalist, he’s an immature hack stand up comedian who stoops to the lowest form of cheap laughs, demeaning an audience that is already the bottom of the barrel and he gets down in the muck with them. He belongs in Glendive, Monrtana doing the daily bull semen reports.

  3. He’s got soooo much make-up on.

  4. Steve_in_CNJ says:

    Cute midwestern humor. I hope he cuts into the sports “news”.

  5. RepackRider says:

    I was a rock band roadie in the sixties. At a big rock festival a stoned guy got on stage. I was at the mix booth, too far away to take care of the situation. The singer announced to the crowd that this guy had something to say to them, and he handed the guy the microphone.

    The crowd signaled displeasure with his act, and he melted away.

  6. emjayay says:

    I think the parents of Average Kid were probably intelligent enough to get the joke. Like with Jay Walking, the kind of moronic behavior of particularly the first guy, who thinks acting like a completely ignorant brain dead gang member is a social ideal, is the real bummer of pieces like this. We have to look at why our and other Western cultures produce people like that and do something about it, but we don’t.

  7. doug105 says:

    Then let them use a camera back ground if you want to use the public don’t be surprised when you get used back,while some will carry it too far a wave or someone making a goofy face should be expected .

  8. worfington says:

    The guy makes a “living” pimping non-stories to distract from real news. He should be grateful for his over sized paycheck and SHFPH.

  9. ArthurH says:

    This was a cathartic. For years I’ve seen boorish behavior from those crowds behind reporters doing remotes. Jerks shouting cuss words, making obscene gestures, yelling stuff that had nothing to do with the news, and worst of all, shouting anti-gay slurs. Seeing a reporter put this boors on the spot… bravo!

  10. goulo says:

    Meh… To me it wasn’t funny or clever at all… The guy comes off as full of himself, getting offended that, as he does useless insipid TV reporting at shopping malls and car shows, some passersby smile or wave at the camera instead of being obedient background scenery props for his commercial reporting.

    So he uses that as an excuse to make fun of fat women, the appearance of a baby, and to mock guys by using the premise that being in a sexual minority is something to be ashamed or embarrassed about.

    I guess I am not in the target audience…!

  11. BeccaM says:

    Oh, that was hilarious. Thanks John.

  12. ComradeRutherford says:

    OK, that guy is brilliant!

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