Just arrived back in Chicago, sorry about the slow blogging day (and an open thread)

I was busy flying back to the states today from France, so sorry about the slow blogging.  Just got to my parents’ place in Chicago a bit ago.

As you may remember, I go and house-sit for Chris in Paris during August when he and his wife Joelle are away on vacation, but I also take advantage of the trip to scheme with trip (and Joelle) about the blog. Joelle in particular has a really interesting perspective as she’s a career counselor for one of the big universities in Paris, and has a new book coming out (in French) on her models for thinking about your career, where it’s going, where it needs to go, etc.  She’s quite good – we spent a good amount of time talking about the book.  Too bad there isn’t an English version (yet).

I was also doing my annual medical tourism, buying my absurdly inexpensive (in France) asthma medicine that costs five times the price in France.  Oh, and the price just went down in France by 10%, while it’s risen over 30% in the US over the past few years.  The same drug, sold by the same company, not subsidized at all by the French government.  They just charge Americans more.  Simply amazing.

Anyway, I’m still on French time, so it’s 2am for me. I’m off to my sister’s house to pick up Sasha, then off to an early bedtime.  I’ll be picking back up my regular blogging hours after getting a good night’s sleep.  So expect to see me late morning tomorrow.

In the meantime, enjoy this (nearly) perpetually flying paper airplane.


Chris and his wife Joelle have a stove top like this. I wish is saw this yesterday.

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