Pastor denies new church intended to look like giant penis from space

The architects, and owners, of a new Christian Science Church in Dixon, Illinois (pop. 15,733) are denying that their place of worship was intentionally built to look like an erect penis.

But there it is on Google Maps, in all its glory: 324 W 1st St, Dixon, IL.


Ceci n’est pas une pipe.

The church claims the exotic shape of the building is intended to preserve a tree just in front.

Or perhaps it’s a bush.

It’s not entirely clear when the discovery was first made, or who made it, but the chatter about the church has been going on for a few weeks now.  And while the church is trying to stay of good humor about the whole affair, their patience is clearly wearing thin.

“The Internet has great capability for good,” church officer Scott Shepherd told the local paper,, “and great capability for gossip and destruction…. We didn’t design it to be seen as what they’re seeing, and we didn’t design it to be seen from above.”

Having said that, the church gets serious kudos for having a bit of fun with the whole thing on their Facebook page.

First there was the post announcing “Giant fig leaf coming soon”:


And even better, there’s this week’s sermon:


(H/t to FreakOutNation)

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