Kmart’s controversial new “Jingle Balls” boxer-short Christmas ad (video)

Kmart has a delicious new Christmas ad for its boxer shorts that pretty much guarantees you’ll never think of the song “Jingle Bells” the same, ever again.


I’m actually quite astounded that they would do this ad.


It’s a brilliant ad. But it’s just so blatantly sexual, that it surprises me.

Most of the reviews on YouTube were laudatory, though a few were quite negative:

nobody over the age of 15 wears joe boxer brand underwear. this simple fact means that the “show your joe” idea was perpetrated by a pedophile and everybody involved in this ad from the brainstorming team, to the director and actors in the video, to the ceo of kmart need to be in prison for pedophilia and should have to register as sexual offenders for the rest for there lives. f—-n’ disgusting.

anybody that wants to argue this fact is also guilty of accessory to pedophilia.

anybody that’s over the age of 15 that wears joe boxer brand underwear, you’re a complete waste of existence. that shit’s made for kids. straight up. i don’t care if your girl thought they were cute, they’re not. they’re f—-n’ childish.

what the hell is wrong with society to think that something like this was ok?

Or this:

Well this is nasty I wouldn’t want any kids watching this.

Though most seemed to agree with this person:

I think the commercial was awesome!!!! It was in very good taste and did not seem offensive at all.

Not sure what all the controversy is about but you all need to stop it. How else would Joe Boxer show off their merchandise???

Good looking guys shaking their tunes seems like a great way to do it. Way to go Kmart!!!!!

Yes, how else indeed.

And when you’re done with the Jingle Bells ad, check our Kmart’s earlier racy ad we published a while back – the infamous “I just ship my pants.”

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68 Responses to “Kmart’s controversial new “Jingle Balls” boxer-short Christmas ad (video)”

  1. unczsz1978 says:

    I’m retired, don’t need grammar corrections. YOU NEED TO GET A LIFE.

  2. Dee says:

    “they’re” (contraction for they are) not “their”

  3. Dee says:

    Then it should be shown late at night – NOT during primetime when children can be exposed to such a tasteless, horrible commercial.

  4. Dee says:

    You don’t see any BODY in the jeans.

  5. maggie says:

    I thoroughly agree with this comment. Whether commercials are Victoria secret, breasts, panties, bras or tampax etc. it is terrible how we as families can not sit down and watch a television show without these commercials. We wonder why there is no shame. What ever happened to Jello Pudding commercials, Cereals, Campbell soup, milk and toys to name just a few. What ever happened to dignity. I agree that Kmart is now #1 in sleaziest store and walmart is next on the list.

  6. scientivia says:

    The thing is, Victoria’s Secret is in a magazine and is not animated or publicly viewed and aimed toward families by a family store, so it’s hardly a comparison. My 10 yr old son was embarrassed when he saw the commercial, and I was embarrassed that he saw it in the first place. Aside from the fact that Kmart is trying to appeal to their shoppers of the highest common denominator, Christmas is a family holiday, one that is highly regarded to be for children (regardless of your beliefs in God). I thought the same thing; a woman shaking her torso to ring bells attached to her breasts would be as equally offensive. Kmart is just trying to create publicity for themselves and they’ve done it. You also know the character of the people who will *continue* to shop there, and those who won’t. Walmart, you’ve just been knocked off the number one slot for sleaziest store.

  7. fletcher says:

    And not too long ago parents gifted their kids with Underoos in their favorite superheroes. The company that made them had kids in these underwear dancing in the TV commercials. Get over it.

  8. dominique says:

    You must not have son or kids or you are brainwashed I don’t want him to see that Victoria Secret crap , then you wondering why your kids start thinking sexually at a young age ….. ex . Willow Smith

  9. dominique says:

    I think its fucking gross , I have to dive over the couch just to hide my children’s eyes they don’t need to know about that yet I mean what the hell why couldn’t they just show a guy unwrapping a present with boxers in it then showing what he got on Xmas …… its a shame that’s why people don’t like cable and don’t have its full of bull shit and fake stuff as well as sadistic satanic people who don’t have anything better to do with lives but act completely stupid.. .. ex. Miley Syrus

  10. Sherry says:

    Get over it. It’s ok for the Victoria Secrets commercial. This is just cute and funny. Get a life there is worse things going on.

  11. April says:

    The first time I saw this commercial I voted it the worst Christmas commercial of 2013–that was until I saw the Kmart commercials where they loop idiotic people over and over, apparently rejoicing over Kmart’s incredible prices. Now I’m torn. Both commercials deserve a place at the top of year’s worst. Both Kmart commercials, both disgusting. Please tell me who in the marketing department of Kmart actually looks at these commercials when they’re on the table of an advertising company and thinks they’re cute or funny? No wonder Kmart isn’t doing any business…

  12. pawillie says:

    Quit complaining and STOP shopping Kmart for Christmas season. Plenty other bargains elsewhere. Don’t have to support the Kmart moral crash or the low lifestyle that supports such.

  13. unczsz1978 says:

    yeah their missing a brain

  14. unczsz1978 says:

    GET A GRIP. You watch all the bra and panty commercials with models running around in their under wear. I thought it was funny. Better than seeing a damn lizard advertising ins.

  15. unczsz1978 says:


  16. unczsz1978 says:

    my just what I was thinking. I get so sick of seeing women in their under garments.

  17. dommyluc says:

    If there is such a controversy about the Kmart ad, why not about this ad:
    Oh, yeah. The Kmart ad seems more gay-oriented. Forgot about that.

  18. Comment20 says:

    Nothing wrong with that ad. I think it is very cute and well done. Nothing rude about it. You don’t see anything.

  19. karmanot says:

    “We certainly aren’t going to do any shopping there.” Who cares, can’t be bothered. The Dollar Store welcomes you.

  20. karmanot says:

    Oh please, get a life and a sense of humor. Target is open on Thanksgiving and the turkeys are on board with it.

  21. ArthurH says:

    Compared to almost any ad produced by Go Daddy, the Kmart ad was downright tasteful.

  22. Bump up your game says:

    “Delicious?” Give me a break. It’s a crass and stupid ad. Guess we know what kind of class-less goofballs run KMart.

  23. vickif says:

    Sorry, Bears fan here. I live in a Chicago suburb so Cubs, Bears and Blackhawks are my passion nowadays. At 68 there isn’t much left.

  24. vickif says:

    You and me both

  25. Drew2u says:

    Too bad Kmart’s going to be open on Thanksgiving thus negating my want to shop there until after the new year.

  26. JLSR says:

    How do you know their penises aren’t the strikers–thus making the music?

  27. JLSR says:

    I’m no prude, but I DO know the rest of the country, pretty much, is made up of them. When I saw this I almost dropped my teeth, (and immediately wondered whether we would EVER see it again! [and when?])

  28. mappyjames says:

    Looks like a SNL commercial

  29. tena says:

    This is my favorite commerical by far in a very long time. Brava!

  30. Gail Paglianti says:

    YES! It’s about time that the advertising sex-table is turned on the other.. ’em, cheek?….lol. Enough boobs for a while, let’s see the guys shake it around in all of our faces for a change and I WILL shop at Kmart. Isn’t everyone else getting tired of the worn out way of advertising by sticking boobs in our faces? Kmart figured it out…….that’s right. Women want to see some sexy men once in a while. Suits me just fine and I hope more companies figure it out. Who do they say spends the most money in the stores? Women! Encore, Kmart.

  31. Jan Crowley Gwasdacus says:

    a pun! a pun!!!

  32. Dakotahgeo says:

    THIS… is just ONE of the reasons I shop only at K-Mart!!! Fantastic! Remember the “I just shipped my pants!” advert? It sold millions of clothes, et al. You go, K-Mart!!!

  33. lovechild says:

    Suck it up…it’s just an ad….When famous people does it it’s no problem. ..

  34. keirmeister says:

    From the pictures, I thought the offense was going to be that their penises were moving to music or something. These were just small thrusts. THRUSTS?!?

    God…we’re such puritans….

  35. janssnakes says:

    I think this is just so cute. I am over 60 and I like funny commercials. I don’t understand why so many people are upset.

  36. Jim Olson says:

    Silly. A bit risqué and tasteless. Cute guys. Typical American holiday nonsense. Nothing to get your shorts in a bunch about…

  37. cynthia says:

    I think it is funny. So many bad comments. How is it that it is okay for a 14 year old to display sexy lingerie in a sexual matter on Victoria Secrets ads, Viagra and KY commercials every hour, but this to be persecuted so badly? I get aggravated about Family Guy, which is horrible show for kids, being aired on prime time on a regular TV channel. There are so many provocative ads that are about women, like the ad about the shampoo, where the women is making all that erotic noise in the shower. Here is one about sexy men and the whole country goes in an uproar. Just remember that bad publicity is better than no publicity.

  38. AWESOME! says:

    This commercial is hilarious, I loved it!!

    This person making reference to pedophilia needs to be medicated!

  39. Whitewitch says:

    There can not be a war on Christmas if there is no war on women…at least in my world. Especially since the lousy Christians stole MY holiday and turned it into the birth of their silly savior. He was not even a particular Jolly fellow…and they took the best parts, the tree, the food, the presents and the sex…OOOhhh my bad they didn’t take the sex…they still hate that.

    Thanks though Naja…that helped to explain it a little….

  40. Naja pallida says:

    Don’t you know about the War on Christmas? By accepting the reality that Christmas has become more secular than religious in the modern world, we make baby Jesus cry… or at least Bill O’Reilly.

  41. Whitewitch says:

    What about this ad is sacrilgious? I didn’t see any reference to any Christian diety? I am missing something – or are you?

  42. Whitewitch says:

    Wow that is sort of cool…I am impressed by the Robos these days.

  43. BeccaM says:

    It’s a robo-spammer. These days they now copy existing comment text to test whether or not they can post something, then use the edit function to change it to the spam you see above.

  44. BeccaM says:

    No, Christians stealing our pagan holidays of Yule, Brumalia, and Saturnalia was sacrilegious and sleazy. Especially when Pope Paul II in 1466 instituted the practice of the ‘Running of the Jews’ as a standard Christmas tradition — a practice in Rome that did not end until the late 1800s.

  45. Whitewitch says:

    Wow – did someone put out a call to protest or something – you are saying verbatim what JamailJam said below…

    Quick questions – where are you from and why did you come here?

  46. Whitewitch says:

    Really – you let a commercial upset you that much. First – you are the one presuming they are jingling anything dirty – like their balls. I thought it immensely cute and fun! I like handsome men who dress nice – with cute undies. That is what I saw….

  47. allysonjru104 says:

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  48. Mona says:

    It’s sacrilegious and sleazy.

  49. BeccaM says:

    Kinda cute, kinda risque, not seeing the huge controversy. I found the ‘ship my pants’ ad to be far more annoying and juvenile in its humor.

  50. BeccaM says:

    Um, yeah… I think we scratch the surface of whoever posted that comment and we’ll find a raging homophobe (likely with an attic crawlspace crammed to the eaves with gay porn).

  51. Jamail Jam says:

    So these guys are jingling their balls for Christmas. How low class can Kmart get? This ad ought to attract the flash mob thieve types. We certainly aren’t going to do any shopping there.

  52. Whitewitch says:

    Ahhh the talent – it made me giggle…so I am okay with it.

  53. OMG we had posted that, I forgot that was them!

  54. Michael Smiley Gawthrop says:

    I’ll give Kmart credit… their marketing people always come up with stuff we’ve never seen before. As far as people response to it, I wonder where all the people who are outraged over this have been for the last decade plus that Victoria’s Secret and every other purveyor of lingerie was busy putting ads on TV and billboards that all boiled down to “buy our stuff and you’ll be a sex object”.

  55. Naja pallida says:

    Kmart has been taking more chances with its advertising lately, see the I ship my pants ad. I think they don’t feel they really have much to lose at this point. But really, if you are selling underwear, you don’t have a whole lot of options, and for people who are already sadly repressed are automatically going to get a case of the ews at something *gasp* vaguely sexual. I think it’s more entertaining and memorable than so many Victoria Secret commercials that show a bunch of mostly naked size zero models looking self-important.

  56. Naja pallida says:

    It’s called projection.

  57. jaichbin says:

    They see it everywhere. They think about it day and night and yet somehow others are the perverts!

  58. JustSayin says:

    Not that i have an opinion one way or another about the tastefulness of this add, but contrary to one comment above…I’m in my 40’s and I wear Joe Boxer. The pedophilia comment is a little over the top.

  59. Zumba says:

    Its is funny…. just like when Chippendale first came out!

  60. Loomie says:

    so creative and nice to watch…!!!

  61. OtterQueen says:

    Okay, that was really cute. Now where can I find this Godfrey Cambridge commercial?

  62. zenbaby16 says:

    LOVE IT!!!

  63. fletcher says:

    Who knew this is where men’s underwear ads would lead when more than 40 years ago Hanes hired black comic Godfrey Cambridge to do an ad where he told us to drop our tighty-whities and give “colored” underpants a chance.

  64. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Yes, it was. Especially since the Ravens lost.

  65. Quilla says:

    The highlight of the the game. ;)

  66. kingstonbears says:

    Just made my morning thanks for posting. And, yes, I’m over sixty and STILL love my Joe Boxers.

  67. Indigo says:

    I saw it on TV yesterday too. It’s great! And, might I add, it’s high time the Annual Shopping Festival brightens up its tired old muzak.

  68. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    I saw this yesterday while watching the Raven’s and Bear’s game. I think I might have whopped.

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