The 7 best Christmas light shows, or tacky tacky tacky? (video)

I tend to like the Christmas light shows, but these strike me as a bit too much.  And it’s hard to get me to say “too much” when it comes to Christmas decorations.

This one, for example, started off quite nice, then descended into synchronized music madness.  See, the still shot is quite pretty.  The video, less so.


The block next to ours, back home where I grew up, does a wonderful luminaries display on Christmas Eve every year.  It’s simply candles in a cut open plastic milk carton, held up with sand.  But it’s really quite beautiful.  This is more my speed.


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17 Responses to “The 7 best Christmas light shows, or tacky tacky tacky? (video)”

  1. karmanot says:

    These are the kind of people who have show kitchens and in a back room, grandma cooks like the old country over a charcoal burner.

  2. emjayay says:

    This misguided Ugly American crap is not worth commenting on…..but anyway, instead of grandiose look-at-me trashy music, why don’t these morons have the sense to use some quality Christmas songs? Like some Episcopal boy’s choir, or some Darlene Love or Ronettes track off the Phil Spector Our Christmas Gift to You album or something?

  3. cleos_mom says:

    Because Christmas has *always* been known for its tasteful, understated celebrations. Nothing like a Winter Solstice holiday to bring puritanism out of the woodwork, unless it’s Halloween.

  4. Just an elbow says:

    I had this image of the soundtrack in a bathhouse run by Exodus…

  5. Greg Briggs says:

    Here is a video we made of the Christmas lights of Boise, Idaho:

  6. Tikav says:

    Wow This is just amazing :)
    Enjoyed the full 8:54 minutes :) Great job .

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  7. I have to admit, i kind of like that one ;-)

  8. Yeah but I like that!

  9. Agree, that’s a big part of the problem.

  10. Monoceros Forth says:

    Yeah. I imagine that it’s possible to go overboard with Christmas lights in an attractive way, just as it’s possible to spend the wealth of Croesus on one house and make it look good, but usually that’s not how it works out. Displays of this sort remind me of the hideous taste of a rich pro sports player or a parvenu computer geek.

  11. The_Fixer says:


    Way, way too much. These displays are living proof of the adage “just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should do it.”

    I was particularly grossed out by the electronic dance version of “Amazing Grace.” IMHO, it’s a dreadful song when performed “straight”, doubly so in this way.

    I always thought the simplest Christmas light displays were the coolest. I always liked a wreath with a spotlight aimed at it to the the most elegant Christmas light display.

    But that’s just me. Apparently, some people like blinding their neighbors or giving them migraine headaches.

    Merry Christmas, everybody!

  12. ArthurH says:

    On the local TV news they had one guy who saved a lot of time and money on his Christmas home decorations. While his neighbor seemed to be trying to outdo Chevy Chase in “Christmas Vacation,” he merely put up a sign with arrow pointing at the neighbor that read “Ditto.”

  13. heimaey says:

    There’s a certain art in tackyness.

  14. olandp says:

    It wouldn’t be so bad if the music wasn’t so crappy.

  15. Indigo says:

    But wait! There’s more . . . come visit! bring money! :-)

  16. Indigo says:

    You’re missing out on the lights at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando. That’s where the lights go right over the top and don’t even stop then.

  17. intoxination says:

    Spent Christmas Eve at my aunt and uncle’s house. They live on a little dead end street with 5 houses. 2 of those houses had the synchronized music/Christmas light shows. It was cool when it first came out, but now everyone is doing it and these displays were so tacky and done so crappy that it hurt.

    What’s really interesting is my aunt and uncle live about 2 miles from the house that started all this synchronized music crap back in 2005. Here’s the creator of the monster, located right here in SW Ohio.

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