Beautiful time-lapse video of earth from the Int’l Space Station

A beautiful time-lapse video of the earth from the International Space Station.


David Peterson, who posted the video, included a nice line-up explaining the different views:


0:03 – Bosnia & Herzegovina to Ukraine
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 55446-55591

0:08 – South Atlantic Ocean, between Brazil and Liberia
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 154281-154472

0:16 – Greece and Turkey
Mission ISS031, Frames: 26008-26202

0:24 – South Pacific Ocean, near Peru
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 48993-49186

0:32 – Turkey to Syria
Mission: ISS031, Frame: 76590-76782

0:39 – Libya to the Mediterranean
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 25782-25972

0:47 – Indian Ocean, between Kenya and Madagascar
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 50818-51010

0:54 – Pacific Ocean, south of Japan
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 117700-117772

0:58 – Pacific Ocean, facing North passing Hawaii
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 101027-101674

1:02 – China, Japan, Pacific Ocean
Mission: ISS030, Frames: 112458-112553

1:06 – South Pacific to North Atlantic, across Colombia/Venezuela
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 75421-75513

1:10 – South Pacific to South Atlantic, across Chile/Argentina
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 42147-42242

1:14 – South Pacific to North Atlantic, across Colombia/Venezuela
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 48140-48199

1:17 – Pacific Ocean, from New Zealand to USA
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 66043-66136

1:22 – Southern Chile to Angola, facing south
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 49203-49277

1:25 – Iran to Australia
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 180064-180120

1:29 – North America to South America
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 180172-180222

1:33 – Pacific Ocean to Chile/Argentina/Brazil, facing south
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 48094-48139

1:37 – South Pacific/Japan & North Pacific
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 154164-154204,154205-154256

1:40 – South Pacific to South Atlantic, across Chile/Argentina/Brazil
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 44598-44645

1:44 – South Pacific to North Atlantic, across Chile/Argentina/Brazil
Mission: ISS030, Frames: 159064-159113

1:48 – India/Thailand/Indonesia/Australia/New Zealand
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 177704-177764

1:52 – South Pacific to South Atlantic, across Chile/Argentina/Brazil
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 37675-37735

1:56 – DR Congo/Zambia/Mozambique/Madagascar/India­n Ocean
Mission: ISS030, Frames: 21632-21819

2:03 – Lovejoy Comet over Australia
Mission: ISS030, Frames: 14225-14455

2:11 – Moon rising over China
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 27699-27763

2:13 – Moon rising over Pacific Ocean, south of Japan
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 27468-27526

2:14 – Moon rising over Taiwan & Philippines (with Don Pettit)
Mission: ISS031, Frames: 27802-28017

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7 Responses to “Beautiful time-lapse video of earth from the Int’l Space Station”

  1. benb says:

    The moon rising in the end..yeah, I got teary eyed. I remember when Neal Armstrong set foot on the moon.. phones had cords, my music collection was on vinyl, computers were so expensive we had to share them, program them carefully to limit the time our programs used, and getting into college was so much harder than paying for the education….

    I’m not a big fan of Manned Space Missions nor of penny-penching efforts to push the envelope (oh, all the compromises that made the space shuttle kill people and get mothballed when no one really wanted that to happen), but..goddamn… we put Man on the Moon with…uh…ancient technology in 1969!

  2. HeartlandLiberal says:

    Be sure to change the settings to ‘Original HD’. Then watch it full screen. On my 24″ flatscreen with music ramped up, I have now watched it three times.

  3. Thom Allen says:

    Thanks. I’ll take a look.

  4. Thom Allen says:

    Some parts of the footage reminded me a little of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

  5. Indigo says:


  6. The Hopi talked about how when the Blue Kachina appeared and a big house in the skoy came down, that it was a sign that the end was very near. Some people think the house in the skoy could be the ISS. You have to ask yourself.

  7. Rocket Man says:

    Pretty cool :) I’d love to be up there, but there is no way I could stand being in that tiny capsule for the ascent and return.

    A few weeks ago I posted about space station tracking and how this site:
    will show you when a good visible pass occurs. They have been in the morning of the past few weeks, but because the track of the station slowly shifts the U.S. is starting to come into evening passes instead. Over the next few weeks there should be a number of excellent passes visible to most people in North America.

    They also recently added a live streaming camera so you can see both where the station is, and what is below:

    It hasn’t always worked for me, and at least once it was an inside shot, and you never know exactly where the camera is pointing, but it can be pretty cool watching the track on one side and being able to see the ground features on the other.

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