What WestJet airlines did for its passengers this Christmas – I teared up

Canada’s West Jet airlines decided to have a little fun with their passengers this Christmas. So they did.  I’m not going to spoil the surprise, you’ll have to watch the video below – but please do.  It’s wonderful. I actually teared up watching this.


I just can’t believe any company would do this.

Here’s more from WestJet, and then the video.

In early August, we sat down with our friends at studio m and started brainstorming what ‘giving’ looked like at its best. We wanted to do something big, exciting and fresh.

Fast forward three months and, with the help of 175 WestJet volunteers, three airports and Santa himself, we made a Christmas miracle happen for more than 250 guests on two Calgary-bound flights.

We know that Santa has a very busy schedule at this time of year, and can’t be everywhere. So we did what WestJetters do best, and helped him spread some Christmas magic to our guests.

What actually happened? You’ll have to watch the WestJet Christmas miracle video below to find out. Make sure you have a few tissues handy, though.

Their blooper reel is really cute too:

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25 Responses to “What WestJet airlines did for its passengers this Christmas – I teared up”

  1. Fill2 says:

    It worked great today! I am in the states. Did not do a thing! It must have been some Santa Magic! Thanks :)

  2. Jimmy says:

    Well, damn, even I got a little teary eyed.

  3. Lg 3748 says:

    I think it was wonderful. This is what Christmas is all about. So my hat to West Jet.
    Great idea.

  4. cole3244 says:

    exactly, that capitalism sure is a resounding success, at least for the elites it is.
    thanks for helping to make my point.

  5. Greg says:

    Heck we have 47 million on government entitlements not bad for a
    capitalist country. Our charities are second to none for giving. And the
    USA tax payers have spent according to my research 15 to 16 trillion
    American dollars since 1964 on the War on Poverty.

  6. Cletus says:

    Yeah, but why? It hints at something with an evolutionary benefit to helping others, as opposed to the army of one mentality of the right.

  7. jasper says:

    In 2010 the WestJet CEO made 3-5 million depending on how you calculate his salary, benefits and shares.

    One of the selling features of WestJet is that it is partly-employee owned.

    Employees buy shares in the airline and their purchases are matched by the company to some maximum amount. A form of “capitalist” socialism.

    By the by, WestJet shares are up about 40% since the beginning of 2013.

  8. BeccaM says:

    For those who can pay business class and up?

    Yeah. There is.

  9. SkippyFlipjack says:

    This is so great. It’s a little more produced than I’d expected — I mean, the only reason the employees are seen rushing to the store is to show how much they care and to move the story forward, because wouldn’t it have been less stressful to have them go earlier and just phone in the list? — but awesome regardless. thanks for posting this.

  10. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    “Random acts of kindness.”

  11. Cletus says:

    There’s something other than cut-rate in the US these days? ;-)

  12. cole3244 says:

    whats not to like, the passengers get a very pleasant surprise and the airlines get valuable pub, its a win win as far as i can see.
    i’ll take a country that believes in socialism every time because it has a heart.
    ps – in america corps do show their employees how to get food stamps now that’s the xmas spirit.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Most companies these days are all about taking, not giving. Sure, these people aren’t poor. But you have companies like McDonald’s telling employees to “stop whining” and Walmart making people work on Thanksgiving. It’s nice to know that some rich CEOs still care about others. Everything done by a company can be seen as a marketing ploy, but it’s still better than complete selfishness.

  14. pappyvet says:

    Well done. And yes they are an Airline and not a soup kitchen. But the march toward Humanity must start with a single step and I always applaud actions such as this. I dread the day when actions like this never happen.

  15. BeccaM says:

    Besides, look at those families. They may be flying somewhere, but none of them looked all that well-off.

    Plus they’re flying WestJet. In the U.S., that’d be like flying Southwest, JetBlue, or some other cut-rate carrier.

  16. BeccaM says:

    Last year, they had a big flash-mob song-production and Santa gave away iPads.

  17. Cletus says:

    Teared me up too, and I too thought “Why, they’re not necessarily needy”? So why this universal reaction of joy that wells up as tears when someone else gets a surprise like this? What is it in our nature that brings it about?

  18. I thought about that. But they’re an airline. It probably made sense for them to do something with their own plane and customers. And sometimes it’s best not to overthink things and just smile :-)

  19. Smitty PA says:

    Oh stop it. A little joy spread is always a good thing.

  20. hoplite_i says:

    You know, not to be a crumudgerin or look a gift airline in the mouth, but generally people who fly have some money. I would have liked to see something like this done for poor people.

  21. Are you outside of the US? I can see them here, and when I click to YouTube I still see them. Do you have a flash blocker on your Web browser?

  22. AngelaChanning says:

    They are good at logistics!

  23. Fill2 says:

    John .. says videos unavailable… help!

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