Guy surprises fiancée with her childhood Teddy Bear (video)

A neat video of a guy giving his fiancée the Teddy Bear she had as a child.  Initially I thought the bear was a copy – his description on YouTube is a bit confusing.  But I think they had the original bear, practically destroyed, and he found the parts to repair it, then had some professionals do it.

At first, she has no idea what it is, beyond just a stuffed animal. Then it hits her.


It’s a neat video.

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23 Responses to “Guy surprises fiancée with her childhood Teddy Bear (video)”

  1. karmanot says:

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out comrade.

  2. ComradeRutherford says:

    Because people taking them are complete idiots.

    People think that taking vertical cell phone videos and uploading 6 seconds onto Vine makes them an accomplished filmmaker.

  3. ComradeRutherford says:

    I don’t know what happened here at Americablog, but this used to be full of hard-hitting articles of immediate importance. In the last six months, or so, almost every post is nothing but cute YouTube videos. I’ve almost taken this site of my daily news roster, but everytime I almost do it, John, or more often Becca, posts a really good article I haven’t seen anywhere else.

    Please, enough with the cutsie-poo videos! There are whole sites devoted to those. This used to be a political blog…

  4. karmanot says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  5. Bectin330 says:

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  6. mirror says:

    Smell evoked memories can be very emotional. For some of the ones I get, I think they take me to memories I can’t access any other way, which maybe is what makes them so surprising and filled with the effect of being washed over with a “wave of memory,” like happened with this lady here.

  7. mirror says:

    “Love vertical videos.” “No one cares about you!” Silly laugh out loud of the day.

  8. Zorba says:

    My grandmother had chairs that looked much like that. And she was indeed from the old country. ;-)

  9. Oh my god, this is wonderful.

  10. Yeah, well, welcome to a world with no editors :)

  11. I’d read the description but found it confusing. Why look through 10,000 bears online if you already had the original? I suspect he was trying to say that he needed to figure out what the original eyes and mouth were like, that’s why he went online.

  12. S1AMER says:

    Yep. It’s hard to imagine a sweeter gift for the one you love. Hell, I’m a lesbian, but even I might consider hooking up with a guy with this level of sensitivity!

  13. sane37 says:

    The orientation of my eyes and video screen are horizontal.
    For the sake of Mila Kunis, say no to VVS.

  14. Henry Owen says:

    Guys surprises?

  15. Max_1 says:

    In the description on the original video, it says this IS the original bear, restored.
    This is why the sell factor mattered. She smelled her childhood smells still present in the fibers.

    Like a lover’s t-shirt… or something like that. ;)
    … Just that after all these years, the memory flood from one sniff.

  16. Monophylos Fortikos says:

    Eh? The orientation of this particular subject is more vertical than horizontal.

  17. Drew2u says:

    I call a moratorium on all vertical cell-phone videos.

  18. Well, I suspect they’re visiting mom’s house, and mom is from the old country :)

  19. SkippyFlipjack says:

    OK there’s something so sweet about this.

    And they didn’t mention it but the teddy bear had been deployed in Afghanistan for seven months..

  20. cole3244 says:

    that lady has herself a keeper there, he’s definitely one in a million.

  21. Rick Roberts says:

    And the perfect music they had playing in the background. Going for the postcard.

  22. keirmeister says:

    It’s on loan from Rush LImbaugh.

  23. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Cute video, but that chair ……….

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