Partridge’s Reuben Kincaid, and one of last 2 Munchkins, died today

In addition to the news that “the professor” from Gilligan’s Island, Russell Johnson, died, today also marks the deaths of Dave Madden, aka Reuben Kincaid on “The Partridge Family,” and Ruth Robinson Duccini, one of the last two surviving Munchkins from “The Wizard of Oz.”

Madden was 82. Duccini was 95.

God for a moment there, I’m almost wrote “Madden was only 82.” When did that start happening?

dave-madden-reuben-kincaidAs for Duccini, she was reportedly one of 124 Munchkins acting in the Wizard of Oz.  Only one remains alive, according to the LA Times.  Jerry Maren, a Lollilipop Guild Munchkin.

A friend on Facebook summed up the day:

“Like the death of my childhood in one report! Oh my… sad.”

Ruth Duccini via an interview on YouTube.

Ruth Duccini via an interview on YouTube.

Here’s a snippet of an interview with Ruth Duccini:

And here’s the intro to the Partridge Family:

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4 Responses to “Partridge’s Reuben Kincaid, and one of last 2 Munchkins, died today”

  1. Axel Kyster says:

    “Ginger’ and “Mary Ann” weren’t “Cast Members”. They were characters.
    God liked Lovey. He took her first.

  2. Mr. Wonderful says:

    Only Ginger and Mary Ann are the remaining cast members from “Gilligan’s Island”…

    Well, depending on which of these two dies first will ultimately settle the debate on who was God’s favorite.

  3. karmanot says:

    Inducted into the Hall of Fame!

  4. Indigo says:

    That’s the saying, , “They always go in threes.”

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