Woman has diabetic attack while driving, other drivers laugh (video)

I realize that on YouTube, this passes for a funny video. But I watch it, and I can’t help but be annoyed at the people filming it who thought it was funny.


A car is seen driving down the median of a snow-covered highway – it’s clearly driving on snow-covered grass, and at serious risk of crashing into oncoming traffic.  This was on I-81 in Pennsylvania, and it took place two years ago.

The rest of the story is that the woman was having a diabetic attack and was in the middle of a medical emergency.  The folks taking the video told the media that supposedly the cops were already there, so that’s why they didn’t call 911, and instead filmed the entire thing and LAUGHED and LAUGHED.


Of course, the comments on YouTube were typically horrific.

by-default-2014-01-25-at-3.25.55-PM youtube-comments

There were a select few who understood the gravity of the moment.  They were of course mocked.


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26 Responses to “Woman has diabetic attack while driving, other drivers laugh (video)”

  1. ComradeRutherford says:

    Good point! Certainly true. And it fits with their refusal to accept reality in general.

    For example, if a Democrat wins an election it could only have been because of voter fraud; ACORN bussing large numbers of non-whites to numerous polling places so they can vote dozens of times (which, of course, is a total and and never, ever happens).

  2. Monophylos Fortikos says:

    Coincidentally, Digbysblog earlier posted a link to a Rick Perlstein piece from a couple of weeks ago (here: http://www.thenation.com/blog/177025/thinking-conservative-part-five-epistemology-and-empathy ) that touches upon this issue. Perlstein points out that for decades now it’s been a key notion in the right wing that nobody really disagrees with their beliefs. Oh, yes, there are people who say that they disagree, but aside from a few nuts everybody actually knows in their hearts that the right wing position is The Truth. There’s no real opposition, only deceitful liberals trying to cover up The Truth or dupes who have been cowed into denying The Truth by the tyranny of liberal ideology.

    And if that’s really the way you think then empathy is quite impossible.

  3. Beadis80 says:

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  4. karmanot says:

    I had to give up driving. The last thing I want to do is put someone in harm’s way during an incident. When I go hiking on the local trail I carry a cell phone and written instructions should something happen.

  5. cole3244 says:

    no one in the car thought to be concerned there might be something wrong with the driver its just a comical incident, amazing.

    i presume she was driving there so she wouldn’t hit another vehicle which would be quick thinking on her part.

    anyone know how the woman made out?

  6. ComradeRutherford says:

    Sociopaths is the correct definition for those that laugh at another’s pain.

  7. ComradeRutherford says:

    The key to being a Conservative is NOT having any empathy for anyone else at all, ever.

  8. Lawerence Collins says:

    The people with zero empathy are the GOP and it’s Koch whores! I find it sad and disturbing that anyone could find this video funny.

  9. goulo says:

    xkcd summed up Youtube comments pretty well:

  10. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    The liquid glucose comes prepackaged. They are small bottles with just fifteen grams of carbohydrates. It also comes in gel form that has fifteen grams of carbohydrates. I have never tried the gel.

  11. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Glucose is just a type of sugar, so I assume that it would not harm you unless you need to limit your carbohydrates. Since you are not diabetic, you should be okay with them. Maybe one of our doctor commenters can give their opinion.

    Diabetes can also damage eyes and reduce the sensation in feet, so there are other conditions besides hypoglycemia that can affect driving. Many doctors ask that diabetics have annual foot and eye checkups.

  12. Monophylos Fortikos says:

    I don’t think it’s possible for them to discuss the loss of values they never really learned in the first place.

  13. Naja pallida says:

    Every state has statutes regarding driving with a medical condition that could cause you to lose control of your vehicle, or otherwise impair your vision or judgment behind the wheel. They may not all spell out diabetes specifically, often for personal privacy reasons, but I guarantee they all have something on the application to the effect of: “Do you currently have or have you ever been diagnosed with or treated for any medical condition that may affect your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle?”

  14. KC Jenner says:

    I will ask you briefly how much is the ligued glucose the you carry with you. The concentration per milliletter related to the gram?

  15. KC Jenner says:

    I have seen you post before but did not know all of you history. I have a friend that is nearly 70 but I don’t know how long he has been a diabetic. I met him in 1990. He just went out to a movie and he said it might not be safe for him to drive. He said he would take the bus instead of driving too far. I drives very little and has handicapped plates on his car. Sometimes he parks then gets on the bus. I live in Los Angeles, CA and he using insulin. I do not have a college degree but I have had some colleges courses.

    But that you for the other information. I have glucose tablets that I get from a Rite Aid store. I don’t think I am a diabetic because I was tested about 6 months ago. These tablets are 4 grams of glucose. I am 60 years old. If I were to take them occassionaly would that be bad??

  16. dula says:

    Some people think they’re always on 4Chan and have lost the ability to be empathetic. It’s hard to have hope with so many Americans embracing douchebaggery. This is the lost “values” discussion conservatives should be having.

  17. Anonymous says:

    The Internet was better before “everyone” (meaning, all idiots included) had access to it. I hear even more stupidity online now than I did ten years ago. Which is saying a lot.

    The positive is that people often post these comments with their real names. Which makes employment a little easier for the rest of us.

  18. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    You need to get a clue troll. Why do you suppose pharmacies stock all the glucose tablets and drinks? Now here are some answers. I live on a prairie, but when my husband first took me to see his parents in Northern Minnesota, my reaction was, “My God, they live in the tundra!’ Since my husband passed away about four years ago, I find the use of tundra to be something special. I live in Minnesota, and all insulin using diabetics are required to have their doctor’s permission in Minnesota. Would you mind listing all the states that don’t require that since you obviously have that information?

    I have been diabetic for almost fifty years. A couple of run ins with hypoglycemia is a pretty good average. It was more of a problem when I was a child. Over exercising is usually the cause. Although, a sudden stomach virus can be hell.

    Homeschooled? No, I got my Bachelor’s from Indiana University and my Master’s from The John Hopkins.

    You seem to have a lot in common with the people in the car. You have a real lack of understanding about diabetics. I have been discussing using a pump with my doctor, but I need to research the artificial pancreas. That may be the way to go.

    You not only seem to lack understanding of diabetics, but it would appear that you lack understand of HTLM codes.

  19. karmanot says:

    There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.

  20. Rick Roberts says:

    The world has many horrible people.

  21. Pasquale says:

    Also, to Mike In the Tundra– Really Dude? Where in the Tundra are you? Were you homeschooled? It is not required to have a doctors permission to drive in MOST states. If you are THAT bad at controlling your insulin, then you need to be in a hospital until you are. Dumbfounded by you comment. It’s diabetes not epilepsy.

  22. Pasquale says:

    This is I-81, Central PA is chock full of post-adolescent morons called “college students” no doubt. Behold out future……

  23. pigboy says:

    The only thing funnier would be, them running into that bridge, because they were laughing at the person in distress, rather than calling for assistance and paying attention to traffic around them.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Can we please not feed into this culture of “schadenfreude makes me feel better about my shitty life?” This is how a little kid acts when they aren’t disciplined. They are screaming for attention and should not be rewarded. (Much like some of our politicians) Sadly, the justice system will have to “parent” some of these idiots one day when they break the law.

    Also, I think that comment about the homeless man was actually mocking the video, but I’m not sure.

  25. Jimmy says:

    If there’s one thing YouTube, and other Internet sites like it prove, the world is full of people who feel free to act like dicks; especially when they can do it anonymously.

  26. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    I have had only a few hypoglycemic attacks, but I always said that one of the symptoms was getting stupid. Apparently that is what happened to her. I carry liquid glucose with me. I assume that in most states insulin dependent diabetics have to get their doctor’s permission to drive. The doctor makes the determination on the ability to feel an attack coming on. It’s really time for that poor lady to surrender her license.

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