Baby dressed as dino is scared by toy dino, but just can’t let it go (video)

A baby dressed as a dinosaur is scared by a toy dinosaur, but just can’t stop playing with it.


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16 Responses to “Baby dressed as dino is scared by toy dino, but just can’t let it go (video)”

  1. Jim Olson says:

    Well, yes. I did not think I needed to be that clear about it.

  2. lilyannerose says:

    What is that child thinking?

  3. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    Then there’s my feline overlord. Food in the dish (but it sure as hell better be the food she likes this week and water from the Brita pitcher), clean litter pan (please clean 4x a day), love and attention when requested (complete adoration delivered when she wants it even at four o’clock in the morning), they’re fine.

  4. Jim Olson says:

    Again, cats are easier.

  5. Jim Olson says:

    Cats are a snap. Food in the dish, clean litter pan, love and attention when requested, they’re fine.

  6. Silver_Witch says:

    Some cats are even evil.

  7. slappymagoo says:

    Thanks, I’m honored. Sorry I couldn’t think of something to end it with more witty or insightful than “So yeah, that’s a thing with kids sometimes.”

  8. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    I’m not certain cats know why they do what they do.

  9. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    We took our children to Disney World. Our son was about six and our daughter about three. The eight foot tall Mickey Mouse approached us. Our daughter freaked out, but we had to stay in sight of Mickey, or she would scream louder. I never figured out if she was being weird or if she felt it was better to keep the “monster” in her line of vision.

  10. Try a dog. Same problem. Cat even worse.

  11. That’s a great story. You’re a good writer, btw.

  12. slappymagoo says:

    I remember shortly after my first daughter turned 1, we were at a fair where there was a Chik-Fil-A vendor (it was before we knew what we know now, don’t judge). At the table was someone dressed up like the cow mascot. It scared my daughter to tears so I took her away. A few minutes later she kept saying “Moo-cow? Moo-cow?” And I said “yes honey, the moo cow’s over there but we don’t have to see him anymore.” And she started getting upset again; she was asking me to bring her back to the “moo cow.” Demanding, really. So I brought her back. She wanted nothing, NOTHING to do with Moo Cow. But she also didn’t want to go away, and would get upset if I tried to bring her somewhere else. The night became all about staring at Moo Cow. I approached Moo Cow, high-fived him, tried to make sure she knew there was nothing to fear with Moo Cow (after all he’s not diverting funds to scary pro-life and anti-equality organizations, don’t blame the labor for the sins of management, amirite? Especially if labor is a cow!). But she was content just staring at this nightmare fuel, no touching no interaction…just…watching…

    So yeah, that’s a thing with kids sometimes.

  13. HKDaniel says:

    I mean, seriously??

    OR – – the baby sees the dinosaur as an amalgam of life’s lost opportunities, always slipping away as he reaches out for satisfaction. Seeing his life path in such stark terms, and so clearly, he is overwrought with the sadness of hope’s inherent futility.

    Yeah, that’s it.

  14. FatRat says:

    I don’t think that the baby is playing with the toy dinosaur. I think the parent/brother/relative put the baby in the corner and the baby is afraid to run in front of the monsters gaping mouth. Touch the button to make it go away, baby is frantically trying to escape from that confined area. (Cant climb on the bed, the monster will turn and bite or some relative is carrying the baby to the original area.) Turn the tail and aim the mouth diagonal, the monster will now walk away from the safety spot. Touch the button to make it go away. Now the baby is close enough to run to the protector/tormentor.

  15. Jim Olson says:

    This is why we don’t have children. I have no idea why this child is doing what it is doing. And I have no idea what to do about it.

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