This old fat house – how to lose weight fixing up your home

Bryan Clayton of GreenPal, sort of an online app for getting your lawn mowed, contacted me about the positive health benefits of doing fix-it work around your house.

I pointed out the irony to Bryan of a business that helps someone ELSE mow your lawn giving people advice on doing their own work around the house :)

But Bryan’s advice is sound, and I thought the graphic he made, showing the various calories burned shoveling snow, spreading dirt in your garden, etc., would make for interesting weekend viewing, so with no further ado, here’s Bryan on why you should get out there and do more work around your house.

home-maintenaceIt is January. You have a list of things you want to complete on the house this year, and you have a goal of losing weight at the gym. For the first few weeks, you go to the gym on a regular basis in an effort to lose weight. You are not doing home maintenance yet, not until March when the weather warms, but you keep going to the gym until February, when your drive peters out and you let it slide. Another resolution has bit the dust.

You begin doing home improvement projects around the house and the yard, and you keep losing weight. Your muscle mass is going up, and you feel good about yourself.

You stopped going to the gym months ago, but you still feel like you are working out. How can this be?

The simple answer is home improvement.

Most people who go to the gym and pay for a gym membership don’t even realize they can get the same workout at home, improving their home and making money by increasing the value of their house.

Did you know that if you build a fence or do carpentry around the house, you can burn 340 calories in one hour? Multiply that over ten hours and you have 3,400 calories burned. If you are thinking of roofing this year, you can burn the same amount of calories. Laying down carpet? That burns 238 calories per hour, as does sanding floors with a power sander. Even if you need to do some rewiring or plumbing, you are burning 136 calories per hour.

Think about that over the course of the year. Add in maintenance like raking leaves, washing a fence, shoveling snow and mowing a lawn, and you have tens of thousands of calories burned.
So, the question is, why waste money at the gym when you could be getting healthy at home?

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