Die Verdammte Spielerei (cute series of videos of some Belgian musicians)

It seems that I’m on the verge of becoming an honorary citizen of Ghent, Belgium.

You see, my earlier photo-essay declaring Ghent to be quite possibly the most beautiful town in the world made it into one of the biggest papers in Belgium. And as a result, the post has now gone viral on Facebook, and the Ghentians have even found me on Twitter, where they’ve been quite appreciative. (It’s funny, but after ten+ years of blogging, it’s still neat to have things like this happen.)

In my piece, I posted a short video of a funny marching band that we stumbled upon, roaming the streets of Ghent. Well, someone tweeted me to let me know that they’re called “Die Verdammte Spielerei” (google translate suggests “The Damned Gimmick” – anyone have a better translation?), and they’re pretty damn funny.

These guys just crack me up:

This one is pretty cute too. I totally want to learn to play an instrument now and move to Ghent. Perhaps we can blog in formation…

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8 Responses to “Die Verdammte Spielerei (cute series of videos of some Belgian musicians)”

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  3. HeartlandLiberal says:

    German Spielerei is used with children to reference playful fooling, fiddling, or playing around, idioms in English which convey the intent of the term.

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  5. woodroad34 says:

    I think more colloquially it might be “the f*cking child’s play” or “doomed child’s play”

  6. Actually, no — though they had a certain charm. I didn’t go up and photograph the really hot ones :) I’m not that bad :)

  7. Tatts says:

    So those are the hot guys in Ghent that you gushed about yesterday, John? I think our tastes differ. ;-)

    Funny, though.

  8. Colin says:

    Love this post John !

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