Marcel the shell with shoes on (you have to watch this video)

My friend Ryan pointed me towards these videos of “Marcel the shell with shoes on.”

I’d never seen these before, they’re brilliant. The first one is just so-so, the second is fabulous. I’m posting the second first.

The video is about a shell named Marcel who wears shoes.

I get the impression that the script is part improv, but I’m not sure.

The Marcel fan page has an interview with the shell:

If you could travel anywhere—real or imagined—where would you go and why?

I think if I could go anywhere, I would go to the chair. I’ve heard that from the arm you can see the whole rug. I think something like that would really put things in perspective.


These are the creators:

Jenny Slate, co-writer and the voice of Marcel, is an actress, stand-up comedian, and alum of Saturday Night Live. Dean Fleischer-Camp is a writer, director, and animator whose work has screened at film festivals around the world. They live together in Brooklyn, New York. Watch the video and learn more at

I cannot say enough about this.  Enjoy.

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8 Responses to “Marcel the shell with shoes on (you have to watch this video)”

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  3. Bluestocking says:

    I saw these for the first time a few years ago…they’re very cute (although I don’t remember the line about the receipt being Marcel’s version of a newspaper).

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  5. BeccaM says:

    Must be a brain thing. I’ve been watching British TV for years now and never had a problem with it. Then, a few weeks ago, my wife saw me watching Sherlock on Netflix and said she was interested in sharing.

    So I started with the first episode again (it’s good enough for multiple viewings anyway), and within minutes she said she couldn’t understand a word they were saying, no matter how loud I turned it up. Our compromise is I’ve turned on the closed captions, and now she’s happy.

    Then again, it’s also possible all those years of Monty Python, Doctor Who, and Blake’s 7 trained my ear to the British dialects…

  6. Really? That’s interesting. I had zero problems understanding it. What I have problems understanding are British tv shows :)

  7. BeccaM says:

    Me too, actually. I went over to YouTube to see if the closed captions helped — and it’s funny, but they’re an unintelligible phonetic gibberish.

  8. Indigo says:

    Potentially cute but I had difficulty understanding the baby talk.

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