John Oliver: Take the No-Prank Pledge this April Fool’s Day

In Sunday’s web extension of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver had a few choice words for April Fool’s Day, a holiday he described as “to comedy as St. Patrick’s Day is to Irish culture.”

Listen to him describe why pranks are terrible, and why you shouldn’t mess with your friends or family today:

And, if you are so inclined, take the Last Week Tonight No-Prank Pledge:

I solemnly swear that on this April Fool’s Day I will not post a fake engagement photo Facebook like some kind of a**hole, nor will I perpetuate a celebrity death hoax, because that makes people sad. In fact, I will not play any practical jokes, and if I see someone planning a prank I will say to them, “Hey, you’re being a dick right now. Stop being a dick. Stop being a dick. Seriously, stop being a dick.”

Or don’t. Your call. You can always try and replicate some of the best pranks of 2014 (Warning: strong language and possible injuries ahead):

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