Poll: The 13 dwarves of the Hobbit, ranked by relative hotness

A brilliant post by Louis Speitzman of Buzzfeed, looking at who is the hottest of the 13 dwarves in the new film, The Hobbit.

Speitzman gathered images of the 13 dwarves in the new film, “The Hobbit,” and ranked them by how “hot” each othem are.

Since this post has become so popular, I’ve added a poll, below, so people can vote on their own personal hottest dwarf.

Below the poll, you can find images of all 13 dwarves, and peruse which you think is the hottest, then vote.  Curious how folks will vote – personally, I’m a Fili fan.

[poll id=”2″]

Bofur, the Hobbit

Bofur, courtesy of Warner Brothers


Bombur, courtesy of Warner Brothers


Bifur, courtesy of Warner Brothers


Oin, courtesy of Warner Brothers


Ori, courtesy of Warner Brothers


Nori, courtesy of Warner Brothers


Dori, courtesy of Warner Brothers


Fili, courtesy of Warner Brothers


Kili, courtesy of Warner Brothers

Gloin the Hobbit

Gloin, courtesy of Warner Brothers

Balin the Hobbit

Balin, courtesy of Warner Brothers

Dwalin the Hobbit

Dwalin, courtesy of Warner Brothers

Thorin the Hobbit

Thorin, courtesy of Warner Brothers




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30 Responses to “Poll: The 13 dwarves of the Hobbit, ranked by relative hotness”

  1. Kookalina says:

    It would have Fili for sure if Rob Kazinsky had still played that roll…would have blown the rest out of the water!

  2. Amber says:

    I agree with you Sian

  3. Amber says:

    The hottest is between Kili or Thorin. Fili and Bofur would be in second place.

  4. Maggie West says:

    Female dwarves are so like male dwarvs according to Tolkien, they look and dress so much like the men one cannot tell them apart. And yes the women have beards.

  5. Sian says:

    The beard doesn’t make the dwarf, you fool. Does that mean that female dwarves are not dwarves because they don’t have facial hair? I find Fili the best, but Kili is not far off. Just because he doesn’t have a beard does NOT mean he isn’t a dwarf. Also take into consideration the fact that he is the youngest… Something you probably don’t know, because you probably haven’t read the book.

  6. Sian says:

    Fili all the way! Thorin and Kili share second place :)

  7. Slyla Heckle says:

    I understand where you get that. Movies will never ever capture the magic of books and it really does bother me a lot when people are like “Oh I love lotr!!! I’m such a huge fan! The movies were awesome.” And I’m like, “have you read the book.” And they say “no.” Wtf…you haven’t even scratches the surface of Middle Earth. But I will admit the movies are nice and while the sense of time is off and a few major events are gone/changed, Jackson did a better job than some other directors who directed other book based movies.

  8. Skyla Heckle says:

    **viewed as a hot dwarf.

  9. Skyla Heckle says:

    Guys….its says hottest dwarf…..obviously Kili has no beard and therefore is cannot be viewers as a hot dwarf….by human standards Kili is quiet fine, but if we’re talking dwarves here….Thorin is by far the hottest.

  10. Snowball says:

    Bombur is definitely the hottest!

  11. Middle Earth Wanderer says:

    Ok, I’m not crazy after all. Some of the dwarves in the movie were really hot! #1 Thorin (I dig guys at the start of middle age with the first streaks of gray beginning to show). Kili and Fili are #2 and #3 respectively (dark hair trumps blond).

  12. Poor Oin….

  13. Carmenalex says:

    Kili, Fili and Thorin…oh my!

  14. Really? I thought LOTR was masterful.

  15. Teshii says:

    Killi is defiantly #1
    MY GOD, he is the hottest of course!

  16. newblogger says:

    the … is (. com)

  17. newblogger says:

    Sorry it should be actually http://changingmylife123.blog.com

  18. karmanot says:

    The mean ones are wolverines.

  19. Oh, God. Peter Jackson should never be let anywhere near Tolkien ever again…yeah, I know all the damage is done already. It’s amazing how a guy from New Zealand operating largely outside of the normal Hollywood blockbuster machinery can nevertheless make movies as brainless as anything Michael Bay extruded.

  20. I was wondering about that

  21. citizen_spot says:

    Kili, definitely Kili.

  22. Savage8862 says:

    My vote would go (1) Fili, (2) Thorin, and (3) Kili…

  23. Drew2u says:

    Badgers (it’s the height)

  24. Um Thorin’s the hottest!

  25. keirmeister says:

    This conversation is awesome. Question though: considering all of that body and facial hair, do these dwarves count as bears?

  26. Drew2u says:

    Dean O’Gorman is even sexier as Anders/Bragi in “The Almighty Johnsons” where he’s the incarnation of the Norse God of poetry (and sex, apparently). I can’t wait for Season 3 to start!

  27. usagi says:

    Feh, Fili was just written as the hot one, and anyone who thinks Balin is less hot than Ori or Bofur obviously lacks taste or just doesn’t appreciate older men–dwarfs–whatever…

  28. Phil says:

    Ain’t even going there.

  29. judybrowni says:

    I have to disagree Thorin and Killi, MUCH hotter than Fili — even have hotter names.

    Dwarf hotness, huh. Forget the Prince, Snow White would have drifted for either Thorin or Kili.

  30. karmanot says:

    WOW! Dwarfs all expectations. Kili reminds of the old Eagle days–SF and DC.

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