Maui divers encounter huge pod of humpback whales (video)

Imagine stumbling upon a huge pod of humpback whales.  John says he thinks he can even hear the whale song in the back of this video — does anyone else hear it, is it possible to actually hear something like that under these conditions?

Divers in Hawaii are really making me jealous these days.  I loved the recent video we posted of the dolphin apparently seeking help from divers near Kona (if you haven’t watched that one do — it’s gone quite viral, and with good reason).  And now this, from Maui.

I had tears of joy just watching these divers, knowing how exciting it must have been to see so many whales swimming overhead. Lucky them! It’s hysterical when one of the divers looks up and says “holy sh*t!” — because that’s what I was thinking.

The closest experience to this that I had was on a simple snorkeling trip in Mozambique, where the boat would follow dolphins and we’d jump in and watch them swim by. That was fun, but then I heard some noise from others in the group, looked down, and noticed a whale shark swimming right underneath. Everything looks larger when you’re underwater and even knowing that, the mouth of the whale shark was enormous and took my breath away.

Here are a few stills from the video (which is below).

Humpback whales while diving.

Encountering humpback whales by chance while diving. Just imagine!

Two humpback whales in Maui.

Two humpback whales in Maui.

One of these days I’m still hoping to scrounge up the money and head for the Dominican Republic to see the whales up close. If you missed these photos before, check them out.

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