Amazing video of injured dolphin seeking help from scuba divers

This video of a dolphin in need is really something on so many levels.

It turns out that the dolphin had fishing line and a hook stuck on one of its fins, so it approached a group of divers who were watching manta rays at night near Kona, Hawaii. Fortunately one of the professional divers was able to help remove some of the fishing line that was restricting the movement of the dolphin, though in the end they were unable to remove the hook.

diver helps dolphinThere are plenty of warnings at the beginning (the divers are professional so don’t try this at home), followed by the dolphin swimming around the group, with the untangling action starting around the 3:30 mark.

You won’t believe how calm and trusting the dolphin is with the diver, who patiently cuts away the line.

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