Amazing 9 y.o. talks about meaning of life (video)

This wonderful nine-year-old boy discusses existence, whether there’s life on other planets, whether there are multiple dimensions, what the meaning of life is, and whether there is such a thing as destiny.

All in four minutes.

Interestingly, he starts talking about how sometimes when you hear music you can hear colors. I’ve never had the experience, but I’ve read about it.  (I’ve always been more partial to the notion of numbers each having their own unique personality, rather than sounds having color.)  It’s called synesthesia, and here’s an interesting article about it on Inside Science:

Famed violinist Itzhak Perlman sees a deep forest green whenever he plays a B-flat on his Stradivarius’ G string. The A on the E string is red.

For Perlman, the connection between music and color is not a metaphor. When he plays an A, he sees red the same way the rest of us see white when we look at snow.

This trait is called synesthesia, and recent research suggests that all humans may have experienced it as infants. For adults, it involves a rare cross-wiring of the brain, so that stimulating one sensory or cognitive pathway automatically and involuntary stimulates another.

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4 Responses to “Amazing 9 y.o. talks about meaning of life (video)”

  1. cminca says:

    Whenever I taste vanilla I think “violet”

  2. Cletus says:

    Obvious as it may seem, life loses some of its color.

  3. Oh that’s interesting. I believe my friend Marcus is synesthetic too, I remember him telling me about it. It is sad that you grow out of it.

  4. Cletus says:

    I used to be sound, smell and number synesthetic (3 is still yellow). Regrettably, you usually grow out of it and it was pretty much gone by my forties.

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