How troops make coffee in Afghanistan

It’s a cute video, and also rather interesting to watch how some Canadian troops make coffee while being stationed in Afghanistan. (I initially thought they were American – but a wise reader heard some secret Canadian references in their speech (you know, those sneaky Canadians)).

The heater pouches are a great idea.

The language is perhaps not suitable for the office – “Nothing f—s up good coffee like f—ing insurgents – just FYI.

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10 Responses to “How troops make coffee in Afghanistan”

  1. Victoria Raw says:

    Wow, bet that coffee tasted good! Very enterprising way of prepping it.

  2. Ferd of the Nort says:

    Not criticism, just an FYI.
    Timmy’s is crap east coast coffee. I travel the north with Starbucks Via to add to the local hotel coffee. Via is not great coffee, but is is the best you can get in remote places.

  3. silas1898 says:

    It was on an old CSI fwiw. Raw coffee beans are “processed” through a civet. The resulting coffee is supposedly the best. One of those things you should taste before you know what it is :)

  4. You’re right, someone took the damn video and reposted it – I hate when people do that on YouTube – the original video says they’re Canadian underneath it.

  5. Oh really?

  6. LOL oh no, I’d never heard of that!

  7. pappyvet says:

    In Vietnam i once tried this stuff called “chon” it wasnt bad coffee till I found out where it came from. Took a while to get over the catshit portion of the program LOL

  8. Ferd of the Nort says:

    Those are Canadian Forces troops. Remember Canadian are so polite

    There are several hidden references. Timmy’s for one.

  9. FLL says:

    I wouldn’t want a fundamentalist religious nutcase (Christianist or Islamist) anywhere around me when I’m making coffee, and I sure wouldn’t invite one over for coffee. I’ll have to agree with the serviceman in the video: “Nothing fucks up good coffee like fucking insurgents.”

  10. Tor says:

    Now that’s a fuckin’ cup o’joe!

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