If Web sites were people… (video)

A really well-done video from Cracked about what would happen if famous Web site were actual people.

I liked the concept, and was surprised I liked the execution even better. Neat idea.

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3 Responses to “If Web sites were people… (video)”

  1. cohen moles says:

    My favorite part is when Bing asked Google for the answer..lol

  2. KT says:

    This is actually the third video Cracked has done with the concept though its the best of the three. The second video was a Myspace intervention which was pretty funny.

    My favorite part of the video: Tumblr, Instagram, Buzzfeed, Twitter, and Reddit following each other in a circle. That’s pretty much accurate lol.

  3. cohen moles says:

    I enjoyed watching the video, it was really awesome! cool idea!


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