Family of Siberian hermits lived outside civilization 40 yrs, hadn’t heard of WWII

Fascinating, and sad, story of a family of ultra-religious Russians who moved to the Siberian wilderness, 160 miles from the nearest town, and for 40 years had no contact with anyone on the outside. They were discovered by Russian geologists in 1978.


As you can imagine, their existence was as bit tougher than Grizzly Adams’. In 1961, because food was so scarce, the mother starved herself to death in order to feed her kids. And three of the kids died, within weeks of each other, likely because of pneumonia brought by visiting geologists. The father died in 1988. Now, the only family member left is 70 year old Agafia, who still lives by herself. This documentary looks at her and her life. The film crew fly out by helicopter to live with her for a few days. That would be cool.

This is part 1. You can find the rest via theĀ YouTube page.

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