Uproar over JC Penney tea kettle that looks like Hitler

There’s a debate brewing about whether a new JC Penney tea kettle looks a tad too much like Adolf Hitler.  (I know this reads like satire, but it’s for real.)

The tea kettle, by designer Michael Graves, goes for $40 and does not, at first glimpse, appear to have designs on Poland:


The problem, some people are saying, is that the kettle, if you look at it just wrong, bears a striking resemblance to Adolf Hitler.

Heres’a street sign for the kettle posted on Reddit next to an iconic photo of Hitler I grabbed from a YouTube video:


It’s funny, when Chris sent this to me, he said he thought it was absurd.  I did too, until I looked at the photo of Hitler, looked back at the tea kettle, and I have to say, now it looks like Hitler to me.  Though as others have noted, he looks more like Cartman on South Park, dressed as Hitler:


So maybe it’s, you know, the funny Hitler.

Having said that, I have no doubt that JC Penney had no intent to sell a Hitler tea kettle.  I’m also hopeful that the designer had no such idea either when designing the genocidal kitchen utensil.  But now that I know about it, yeah, it’s Hitler.

But, still, it’s hard to get worked up over an Aryan tea kettle.

JC Penney’s Stalin toilet plunger, however, is an entirely different matter:


And don’t even get me started on the Eva Braun bidet:


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