Back in Black: Lewis Black on the NSA and future technology (video)

Lewis Black does his “Back in Black” segment on the Daily Show, and inspired by the NSA revelations, Black takes a look at new technology from Google Glasses to the new Xbox.


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7 Responses to “Back in Black: Lewis Black on the NSA and future technology (video)”

  1. condew says:

    Nope, computers should not understand what I say or talk back at me. Monitoring my expression and every square inch of skin is not better.

    Someday I want to make a T-shirt that spells out in infrared LEDs “I hate the Mo Fos who spy on me with hidden cameras.

  2. Butch1 says:

    He’s brilliant!

  3. Bithe4183 says:

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  4. Drew2u says:

    Can you imagine if these balloons were flown over, say, North Korea? Sure there will be limited access to computers by the populace and even less with internet capabilities, but the theory is there.
    A nation’s government cuts internet access in an area to suppress uprisings, imagine having these balloons around to bring the internet back to those areas.

  5. cole3244 says:

    lewis black makes angry seem nice.

  6. UncleBucky says:

    Yep. Mouse, keyboard, cam/mic, fine. But anything that is reading and storing me when I’m not conscious of it, I give it the finger, too.

    Meh. Microsoft.

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