BBC slams conspiracy-monger Alex Jones: “We have an idiot on the show”

American conspiracy-monger Alex Jones went on the BBC today, and ran into a problem a lot of Americans on the right (or in the crazy) have when they do British television: smart people.

You might remember we wrote about Jones a few weeks ago when he was  informing his viewers that the Moore, Oklahoma tornadoes might have been created by the US government.

In this case, Jones was allowed to rant for several minutes on Andrew Neil’s Sunday Politics Shows on the BBC, alongside Times columnist David Aaronovitch.  Ostensibly Jones was there to talk about the Bilderberg Group, but as you might expect from a conspiracy theorist, the conversation went a bit off-kilter.


Most of it is boring gibberish, but perhaps you should start watching at around the 8 minute mark, because shortly after that is when the fun begins.  Jones keeps interrupting Aaronovitch, and finally the host tells him to “stop it.”  That’s when Jones absolutely loses it.  And to his credit, the host, Neil, does a good job of putting Jones in his place.  At one point, Neil tells the audience, “we have an idiot on the show tonight.”  Then Neil turns to the camera and does the crazy sign by twirling his finger at the side of his head:


It’s funny, but it’s also sad.  I don’t know if Jones is considered left or right, but he’s a good example of the crazy shock jock style that infests much of right-wing talk radio and talk TV in this country. And it is embarrassing to have him go on a show abroad and “the American.”

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58 Responses to “BBC slams conspiracy-monger Alex Jones: “We have an idiot on the show””

  1. Antix says:

    Lol total wack XD if he wants to be taken seriously he needs to calm down. He believes that everything is a conspiracy EXCEPT christianity…why would you give that type of person any air time?

  2. castillo says:

    I never believed AJ but he has been right about everything, it’s the people who like to ignore the truth and to live in there perfect life who are the reason why our GOV is corrupted. For the sheeple, look at our Marines and Navy they don’t want to fight along side of Al qaeda. Ask yourself WHY, Because the GOV is a tyrrant for many reasons. All who think the GOV is God go FK ur self and you will suffer just like the rest of us if you keep supporting when WW3 begins. When i mean God is to whatever your God is, im not against religion, you believe in what you want to as I do.

  3. AtheisticGOD says:

    Everyone said Gary Webb was nuts…I’m not trying to compare the two as Webb was a thorough investigative journalist and AJ is…well….IDK. Some of the stuff he says sounds like the kind of crazy that can end up being true. I do not doubt that every nation is gearing up for something major to happen within the next 5 years, but I REALLY hope that AJ is incorrect because if only “1” thing that he says comes true from his recent “findings” we’re all screwed.

  4. StopAJfrombeingafool says:

    AJ is a pure entertainment platform, not any less than “Die Hard with a Vengeance”. The unfortunate part is that too many Americans succumb to this crap, due in part because there are few unbiased and untainted media outlets.-especially in the vast rural area of this country continent……

  5. AJisafool says:

    To Commentator013:
    But would AJ ever deny it? -of course not
    You can toss any conspiracy rubbish involving “Evil Government” at AJ and it will stick. There are many talented and insightful investigative journalists in the world, and Alex Jones is by far none of them!

  6. Michael Sundberg says:

    I think they do it generally because they know that he will make the show a bit crazy, it shakes things up and people remember it. That’s the only reason I can think of.

  7. Commentator013 says:

    He never said the tornado was orchestrated by the United States Government. A caller asked if he thought it was, and he talked about the existence of weather manipulation technology. To answer her question, he said that he did not know and later elaborated saying he thought it was just a naturally occurring tornado. I know you’re trying to be dismissive and mock him, but with all the out-there stuff he actually says I don’t know why you felt the need to misrepresent reality to make it seem like he thinks something he has stated he does not. If you’re going to say: “a great nation deserves the truth” you’re responsible for giving the whole truth and not just trying to create an entertainment piece.

  8. nevilleross says:

    At least in England they have sense; here in Canada, he’d probably get away with it on CBC News Channel or Sun News Channel.

  9. Yawn.

    The rules of the BIlderberg meetings forbid any discussion of policy.

  10. Governments worldwide *don’t* listen to them. It’s a social get-together. They don’t discuss policy at those meetings.

  11. olandp says:

    Who ever thought I’d take 40 as a compliment?

  12. Jafafa Hots says:

    His audience WANTS that from him.
    In Texas you win not because you make more sense or have a better argument, you win because you’re louder, more belligerent, unrelenting and are willing to say ANYTHING.
    I lived there, I know. In Texas, whoever shouts the loudest or spews the longest indecihperable line of BS is “right.”

  13. BeccaM says:

    Yep. The same “projecting his own repressed sexual confusion onto the whole world” punk asshole.

    Thankfully we have excellent moderators.

  14. olandp says:

    Was that the same a-hole who thought I was a 40 year old virgin? He thought I was 40, makes my day!

  15. AnitaMann says:

    “Nobody could have anticipated this…”

  16. AnitaMann says:

    Yep. Screaming conspiracy, all the way to the bank.

  17. BeccaM says:

    Lesbian’s intuition. ;-)

  18. Moderator3 says:

    How did you know?

  19. samiinh says:

    You are a fucking idiot. Seek help, dumbass.

  20. BeccaM says:

    I’m a 50 year old woman. You, child, are a hateful moron. Enjoy your soon-to-be-delivered permanent ban.

  21. samiinh says:

    You may not be a “fagg” but you are a fucking paranoid idiot.

  22. not a fagg says:


  23. not a fagg says:

    so is being a blind moron like you, read the evidence dumb ass

  24. not a fagg says:

    you’re probably a fat 40 year old virgin still living in your mom’s basement

  25. not a fagg says:

    shuttup fag

  26. not a fagg says:

    i think you should be put in a padded room, sheep

  27. not a fagg says:

    First learn English, then type it.

  28. not a fagg says:

    i think you were dropped on your head as a child

  29. not a fagg says:

    you’re a fag get the fuck out

  30. not a fagg says:

    some people are stupid as you can see below–v ALEX JONES IS TRUE MEDIA

  31. BeccaM says:

    Um…kudos to Andrew Neil for saying what the rest of us already know, that Alex Jones is batshit insane.

    But as ever, I have to ask: Why did they invite Jones on the show? You give a crazy person a soapbox, they’re going to spray their insanity in every direction.

  32. silas1898 says:

    The Bilderbergers already own most of the governments worldwide. Just like the Rothschilds used to and the Borgias and on and on. God money always rules. This will never change. The game is to make some money for yourself.

  33. Gary Harmer says:

    There’s rushie-poo limpdik…billo (I wanna be a loofa) orally…hannity (the stupid) just to name a few more….of course we could go on . . . but you know what I mean!

  34. okojo says:

    From what I see of Alex Jones, he has the signs and symptoms of paranoia. Glenn Beck is also very, very paranoid, but not as bad as Alex Jones.

  35. okojo says:

    Jones has something that is very non partisan and effect quite alot of middle age men like Glenn Beck: paranoia. It is also incredibly difficult to treat.

  36. Shivas says:

    Alex Jones and his ilk seem to me to be the political equivalent of professional wrestling. Nuff said.

  37. doesn'tmatter says:

    The BBC trying too manage Alex Jones, that’s a laugh, they knew from the start how volatile he is but they still gave him a platform if he wasn’t known in the UK before, he is now, I love how Andrew Neil ended the show with good old fashioned British humor.

  38. JayRandal says:

    NO I am NOT a Alex Jones associate. You should clean-up your mouth. Bilderbergers are rich snob scum. Why should anybody have anything to do with them? Shame on you guy for being a fool.

  39. gowian says:

    Exactly. They may get some chuckles out of his rants, “Oh, look at the crazy Yank”, but they booked him. Not like he barged onto the set uninvited (I assume, although I certainly wouldn’t have put it past him).

  40. Gary Harmer says:

    Can you believe that people actually listen or watch this insanity? Insanity of course being alex jones. I left the CAPS off of his name because he certainly doesn’t deserve them. The man is certifiable. He should obviously be in a padded cell somewhere far, far away. What a stupid idiot!

  41. mpeasee says:

    What a tool!

  42. johnhay says:

    You’re in bed with this loon when you puff him up and use him to smear people you disagree with — or should I say hate, hate as blindly as the Klan ever hated blacks — on “the right.” It’s just the same as when people on the right point out that the Westboro Baptist Church is run by a big Democrat.

    Of course, there’s more of a tie there because Fred Phelps was a good friend of Al Gore, ran for several offices, and was a delegate to their presidential convention. So there’s much more of a tie. Also, nobody in the Democratic Party, much less Gore, ever repudiated Phelps, and he was far more involved in fundraising than Alex Jones is.

    If everyone on the right or left says everyone on the other side is responsible for loons like this, then we’ll never get anything done. It’s really disappointing that people use lunatics on the fringe to smear their opponents, and especially when a guy who was elected president in Al Gore doesn’t repudiate their lunatics.

  43. dula says:

    He can’t contain his energy… very similar to the manic phase of Bipolar Disorder.

  44. Fentwin says:

    An embarrassing American slob.

  45. olandp says:

    That is one of the most wonderful things about British television. They call a spade a spade. I can remember the model Fabio on a talk show, when he gave one of his nonsensical answers that American women swoon over, the audience actually laughed. I’ve always thought that we need to publicly ridicule people like Jones, Beck, O’Riley, Limbaugh, and all of the rest of the idiot right. Laughter is often the most cutting rebuke.

  46. microdot says:

    Q: Don’t psychiatrists have a term for those who think everything in the world is a conspiracy and is out to get them?
    A: Tea Brains

    Q: whoda ever thought of becoming wealthy by placing a microphone in front of these ass hats?
    A: P.T. Barnum

  47. TrollStomper9000 says:

    Good job, BBC. Keep making this shock jock more popular. Idiots.

  48. samiinh says:

    Alex, Anne Coulter, Glenn Beck…laugh all the way to the bank each time they open their mouths and spout crazy stuff. I know a couple here in NH who actually believe everything Alex says…New World Order, Bilderburg Group, Illuminiti, FEMA concentration camps, chem trails, government control of the weather…all of it. Paranoia is a treatable disease.

  49. BillFromDover says:

    Don’t psychiatrists have a term for those that think everything in the world is a conspiracy and is out to get them?

    Whoda ever thought of becoming wealthy by placing a microphone in front of these asshats?

  50. MG1 says:

    The meeting is not a secret, the proceedings are.

  51. Ty Morgan says:

    That’s bullshit.Are you an Alex Jones wannabe?

  52. Drew2u says:

    Well it wasn’t much of a secret then, was it? ;p

  53. JayRandal says:

    Bilderbergers are a sinister group of wealthy Elite snobs. Governments worldwide should not listen
    to any of them. They are kind of borderline satanic.

  54. JayRandal says:

    Alex Jones biggest problem for himself is being a over the top hotheaded nut at times. He really
    should watch video clips of himself going ballistic or perhaps he doesn’t care. Whenever he makes a valid point on something he later on undermines himself. NOT everything is a conspiracy in Washington-DC, but NSA spying on Americans is conspiratorial.

  55. SkippyFlipjack says:

    “You are the worst person I’ve ever interviewed.” Awesome.

    Jones is a smart guy, though. This is all publicity. I read he’s worth $5 million or something.. any less crazy and he’d be just another low-paid idiot radio host.

  56. SkippyFlipjack says:

    I don’t know if Jones is considered left or right

    It’s a good question, I think craziness doesn’t map well on the political spectrum. I got in an argument on Facebook with an acquaintance who’s a big Occupy guy and he was floating the possibility that the Boston Marathon bombings were staged by the FBI, pointing to the website by way of proof. *SMH*

  57. MG1 says:

    Both you and the BBC have used Alex Jones to deflect away from the real story. And its this: Global oligarchs and their political minions have met in secret, this past weekend, to plot how to further undermine democracies around the world so as to suck money and resources from the rest of us. Why don’t you write about that? Who TF cares about Alex Jones?

  58. UncleBucky says:

    Oh, no. Now everybody in the world (via the BBC) will know what dunderheads are trying to run the show here… :(


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