Assorted news I didn’t get to yesterday…

Among the tabs open in my browser yesterday, that I just didn’t get to writing about….

More than 5 in 10 Americans (count me among them) sense little to no improvement in the economy since the crisis:

54 percent of Americans say they sense little or no economic improvement since the worst of the financial crisis, and only one in 10 believe the economy is “a great deal” better.

Two London kids who are not gay decide to have a candlelight dinner at a McDonald’s and almost get kicked out, but don’t (this is really cute).


Russian journalist Masha Gessen says it is morally right to boycott the Olympics.

A Canadian patient in long-term care (I think that means a nursing home) has face nibbled by a mouse.

A patient immobilized in bed, waking up to find mice eating her face.

It has the makings of a health-care horror story — Friends of Medicare says the night-time ravaging by rodents left a Lethbridge senior nursing minor wounds to her face. And it could have been so much worse.

“She’s immobile — she couldn’t even wake up and shoo these things away,” said Sandra Azocar, executive director of the health-care advocacy group.

“It’s beyond comprehension, unfathomable, that this could happen to someone.”

Someone else who’s tired of being reminded about 9/11.

More BS fro rightwingers claiming, wrongly, that Obamacare is forcing companies to hurt their employees.

Some Web sites I’ve been checking out, trying to understand how to more safely communicate with sources, especially those living in not-so-nice countries: this, this and this.

And finally, if you speak French, a French tv show (with an adorable host) sends a correspondent to St. Petersburg, Russia to see how gay people live there. It’s a real eye-opening broadcast. But it’s all in French (and Russian).

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Le Petit Journal – Part. 1 Envoyé spécial en Russie

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4 Responses to “Assorted news I didn’t get to yesterday…”

  1. Ce n’est pas tes oignions, mais il y a une autre chose qui s’appelle “retraining” ou “retooling”. Personne n’a pas de chance pour la retraite en avance après Reaganomics, et nous avons besoin de peuples âgés de rester en travail parce qu’ il n’y assez de nouveaux travailleurs!

  2. Hue-Man says:

    “Tu as quel âge? Je….ne….sais….pas.”

  3. La rentrée? J’espère que j’avais une rentrée à l’école! Je suis en chômage!

  4. caphillprof says:

    Regarding the lack of a US economy: the unemployment rate is a staggering 20+% for those Americans earning $20,000 or less annually. As high or higher than The Great Depression. We need Roosevelt but all we have are born again Hoovers.

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