Gorgeous acoustic version of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” by a 17 y.o. girl

A beautiful acoustic, and rather upbeat, version of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” from a 17 year old Canadian girl, Bailey Pelkman.

And I can’t find anything about Pelkman on Google, other than various music she’s posted around. No news stories, nothing. The kid is totally new. I suspect you’re going to be hearing about her again soon.


It’s a beautiful cover, though surprisingly a bit upbeat. I’d almost like to hear her do it a tad slower, and more somber. But I think you’ll agree, her voice is lovely and it’s a great version of the song.

Great for a Saturday morning. Enjoy.

As a bonus track, here’s a mash-up that Bailey did of the “Cup Song” by Lulu and the Lampshades, and “I Will” by The Beatles.

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6 Responses to “Gorgeous acoustic version of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” by a 17 y.o. girl”

  1. tavao_crivelini says:

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  2. cwazycajun says:

    If she does become famous and she has the actual talent to get there hope she doesnt turn into a beiber..

  3. friv 2 says:

    Our girls is great, it is attractive!

  4. lilyannerose says:

    As she can actually sing we all know that she’s doomed in today’s auto tuned industry.

  5. BeccaM says:

    Very talented young woman there. She’ll go far.

  6. cole3244 says:

    very nice, i’ve always wanted to hear songs done in a entirely different way which just might be more pleasing to the ear.

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