Ecstatic humpback whale freed from net (video)

Michael Fishbach, the head of a whale conservancy found what they thought was a dead humpback whale, but it was only hopeless tangled in a fishing net.

So, Fishbach and friends proceeded to attempt to cut the whale free. And after a while, they succeeded, and boy did the whale then give them a show.


It’s a great video, and amazing how lung the whale went on, jumping out of the water. Start watching the video about 4 minutes and 27 seconds in.

Oh, and posting will be light until Monday, when we’ll be back to full strength.  I decided it was finally time to treat a holiday as a, well holiday :)

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6 Responses to “Ecstatic humpback whale freed from net (video)”

  1. mirth says:

    Wow! LOVED watching this, and thanks a bunch for posting it.
    Human’s are capable of such goodness.

  2. Indigo says:


  3. nora says:

    Im not vegan but im happy to see this ♡ Watch “the big miracle”. Its about Saving Whales starring dru berrymore!!

  4. cole3244 says:

    boy that was exhilarating, as a vegan i wish all species could get the respect and protection they deserve so they could live a life free from the fear of man.

  5. pappyvet says:

    A wonderful story. I love a happy ending !

  6. Terry Cooper says:

    What an amazing video. The Sea of Cortez is beautiful. I had the pleasure of being able to go on a whale watch in Bahia de Magdalena when the calves were being birthed. The new baby whales would swim right up to the pangas and the Moms would try to stay between the baby and the boat. Several times I saw the Mom looking at all of us watching her and her calf. I had seen something similar with dolphins once when I was in Fl. The adults are very protective of their young, and in the case of the dolphins there were two adults swimming on each side of a baby and they were all swimming alongside our boat. I could literally have reached out and touched them, but didn’t want them to feel threatened in any way. The wildlife that we have worldwide is such a gift, and we should all strive to respect the animals right to exit and to remain safe in their/our environment.

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