Old iconic photos colorized and brought to life

A very cool Facebook page by Dana Keller who has colorized old iconic photos. What’s really interesting is how human, how real, how alive, how now these people (and events) look.

I think the reason the page works, the reason it’s so impressive, is that you know many of the photos, and you expect them in black and white. It’s almost as if we think of history in black and white.

colorize old photos

The same way I think of the 1960s as being that funny color that was in my dad’s photos and home movies. You just don’t really think of the Hindenburg, or Abraham Lincoln, in color.

The photos are for sale, as prints, on this Web site. Very very cool effort. And very well done. Do check it out.

(If you’re not seeing all the images via the mobile template, you can click the “post” link under each entry to see them.)

Abraham Lincoln:


Colorized by Dana Keller.

Mark Twain – I love this one. He looks like the Mark Twain characters you see on TV!:


Colorized by Dana Keller.

Waldwick Train Station, 1903 – I included this simply because of how real it looks:


Colorized by Dana Keller.

Frederick Fleet, 1912. Lookout on the Titanic who saw the iceberg. Again, I liked the way the color just brings life to the photo:


Colorized by Dana Keller.


Colorized by Dana Keller.

The Hindenburg Disaster, 1937 – another photo we just think of in black and white. Check out the detail of the people on the ground:


Colorized by Dana Keller.

H.G. Wells, 1930:


Colorized by Dana Keller.

And the original H.G. Wells in black and white.

Marie Curie, 1905:


Colorized by Dana Keller.

Nikola Tesla and Walt Whitman (who I don’t believe were a couple) – that Tesla photo is amazing:


Colorized by Dana Keller.

Audrey Hepburn:


Colorized by Dana Keller.

Lewis Powell, 1865: Lincoln Assassination co-conspirator. This one blows me away. 150 years ago. Look at that face:


Colorized by Dana Keller.

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