President Bartlett calls the Butterball Hotline

If you haven’t seen this clip from The West Wing, it’s a classic. I watch it every year. It’s the one where President Jed Bartlett discovers that Butterball has a turkey hotline, and he just has to try it out.


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2 Responses to “President Bartlett calls the Butterball Hotline”

  1. fletcher says:

    Interesting! I wish somebody in my neighborhood called the Butterball Hotline a few Thanksgivings ago. Then they might have known not to put a still frozen turkey into the scalding hot oil of a turkey fryer. The huge difference in temperatures caused the hot oil to geyser, setting fire to the roof of the porch and eventually burning out the whole back end of the house. Our family’s Thanksgiving dinner got cold while we were out watching the firemen.

  2. And the comments are back!

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