WWII gun camera footage of Japanese planes being shot down (video)

This is WWII gun camera footage from a of US pilots shooting down Japanese plans. It`s a remarkable video in a number of ways.

It’s a remarkable video in a number of ways. First, it looks like a vintage video game and/or a Hollywood film. I’ll give the movies credit, this looks familiar.


Second, it looks so Hollywood, but real men are dying in this video.  (I originally thought this was Japanese video, but it’s in fact American video.)

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10 Responses to “WWII gun camera footage of Japanese planes being shot down (video)”

  1. hidflect says:

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  3. ComradeRutherford says:

    Oh, hey, that’s fine. I will never, ever join Facebook, or use Amazon, FedEx, etc, because they are all supporters of far-right politicians whose goal is YOUR total destruction (and mine).

    So if you want to financially support your enemy whose goal is wiping you out, that’s fine. I will not do so.

  4. Yep, just got that.

  5. Shoot. Thanks for the correction – I just updated the post. I looked at the about section, and since it started with two URLs, I figured that they failed to put anything in there (since so few videos having anything in their about section on youtube). Thanks for the correction – I’m now less creeped out by this video, which is disturbing in and of itself.

  6. Thanks as always for sharing :) But Facebook is hugely important for our survival. All social media is nowadays, but Facebook in particular. More and more of our traffic is moving towards social media, where people check out our headlines before coming over, which in essence kills our traffic unless we get them to actually come – which kills our advertising, which kills my income and ultimately this blog :) So yeah, Facebook, ironically, is in part saving us.

  7. ComradeRutherford says:

    “in order to actually see my Facebook posts in your feed, you need to “follow” me”

    Yeah, well that’ll never happen.

  8. Ninong says:

    “This is WWII gun camera footage from a Japanese pilot’s point of view.”

    Actually it’s just the opposite. What we are looking at is footage filmed by the United States Army Air Force in Japan.

  9. Wileybud says:

    John, these appear to be Japanese planes shot down by U.S. Navy aircraft. Japanese aircraft markings were a red ball on the wings and fuselage (which your screen shot shows). Also, by 1945 the Japanese Army and Navy air forces had been pretty much decimated. Also, the strafing could be in Japan or Japanese held areas though they also seem (particularly the strafed trains) to be in Europe.

  10. cole3244 says:

    there are good & bad on both sides, i would argue that most of the bad are at the top on both sides.

    the propaganda on both sides convinces the soldiers to fight and kill people they have more in common with then their own leaders.

    let the leaders fight and bleed that would put an end to most conflicts very quickly, right chicken hawks.

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