70-car snowstorm pile-up on WI highway caught on camera

A highway in Wisconsin was shut down earlier this week after 70 cars got into a huge accident during a snowstorm.

It’s not entirely clear what happened, but looking at traffic cam video (below), the road appears to be icy, and many of the drivers appear to be idiots.


I say “idiots,” because at the beginning of the video you see cars going very slowly and there not being a problem. Then you see one car, going way faster than everyone else, who suddenly hits an ice patch and causes an accident. The idiot behind him is going just as fast, and so on, and so on, and so on.

Possibly even dumber, a number of the drivers then decided to get out of the car and take pictures (according to news reports), in the middle of the road, of the oncoming speeding out-of-control cars coming right at them. After one car appears to have nearly killed them, they suddenly think better of their YouTube moment.

I’ve only had two experiences hitting bad ice while driving. One was going around 10 miles an hour in my hometown – I just slid right through the stop sign, there was zero traction. The second was scarier. I was on the highway, going around 40-45mph with everyone else, and suddenly we hit ice and my car just started to rotate to the right about 45 degrees. We were still moving forward, but my car was now pointing halfway to the right. I just kept pumping the brakes, as I’d been taught, and finally there was some traction and the car corrected. It was a really scary moment that taught me to never play games with icy conditions.

One man died from injuries sustained in the pile-up.

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