Beautiful and deadly pink praying mantis looks like an orchid (video)

There’s a praying mantis that looks like a beautiful pink orchid. Who knew?

I normally post the fun non-political videos at night, but I’m in the middle of writing a rather-detailed scoop – it’s going to take me a few hours – so you get the freaky mantis in the meantime.

It really is amazing that insects can evolve to look like plants – whether it’s entirely random, by natural selection, or whether you think God got involved.


Either way, it’s difficult to believe that something like this is just entirely random. Even if you subscribe to natural selection, which I tend to, it’s hard to believe that a mantis could randomly just come about looking like this. Where did the first orchid-looking mantis even come from? It just happened randomly? Hmm.

When you see videos like this, you can understand why some people become religious about the amazing complexity of life, even if I’m still somewhat agnostic the whole religion thing.

Enjoy.  (Well, enjoy until the part where the pretty flour eats a fly.)

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