20 y.o. with Down Syndrome get his college acceptance letter (video)

Rion Holcombe, age 20, has Down Syndrome. His dream is to be a college student.

A few days ago he got “the letter.”

His parents filmed his reaction.

Rion will be attending Clemson next year as a freshman, where they have a special acceptance program for kids with special needs.

More on Rion’s story from GoUpstate:

Clemson Life is a two-year program that teaches independent living skills to young adults with a wide range of disabilities. The students live in a four-bedroom apartment on campus with a resident assistant in each unit. They learn about cleaning and cooking, along with taking classes in personal finances, social skills, functional literacy and safety. They also receive job training and placement and individual and group counseling.

“We really focus on a functional curriculum,” said director Elizabeth Gorman. “For a lot of our students, this is their first time away from home.”

Congrats, Rion!  And good work, Clemson.

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