U2: New Year`s Day (video)

This is one of my favorite all-time songs.

The album came out in early 1983, and I bought the casette in Paris in late 83/early 84 when I was studying abroad there. I remember listening to it non-stop as I took the overnight boat from France to England to visit my friend Jenny who was doing her year abroad in London. I met two English students on the trip over who were a riot. I`m still friends with one of them today.


There`s something about this album – must we say CD or DVD if we knew the music first as an LP (or cassette)? – that just gets me going. It`s what I call `rollercoaster music.` There are also rollercoaster movies, and rollercoaster books and poems. The idea is a work of art that picks you up and carries you along for the entire ride, only to drop you off at the very end, exhausted and satisfied. I`d include New Order among my rollercoaster bands. Depeche Mode is one too.

Another U2 song that carries me along is Sunday Bloody Sunday.

So with no further ado, here`s New Year`s Day.

And here’s Sunday Bloody Sunday:

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9 Responses to “U2: New Year`s Day (video)”

  1. riannonqas321 says:

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  2. Monoceros Forth says:

    Weird. *chuckles* I consider myself an Eagles fan and yet “Hotel California” (or “Peaceful Easy Feeling”) usually make me want to look for something else.

    I once got to my job a few minutes later than I should have because “Stairway to Heaven” came on the radio just as I was parking.

  3. mirth says:

    Thanks, Mod4. It’s a good vid. I was surprised how well both of them can sing.

  4. Moderator4 says:

    John has been notified. It may be a Disqus glitch. Thank you for the heads-up.

  5. mirth says:


    How come comments are closed for the Zooey/Gordon thread?

  6. 2patricius2 says:

    Thanks, John. This group is my older brother’s favorite. They played in Graham Chapel at Washington University in St. Louis in April 1981. They didn’t have many songs yet, so when it came time for an encore, they had to play songs they had just played.

  7. Indigo says:

    “Rollercoaster music.” I like that. The Eagles’ Hotel California’ does that to me every time and there I sit in the parking lot, waiting for the radio broadcast to end before I dare shut off the engine.

  8. cole3244 says:

    i like u2 not only for their music but because they are socially aware, that’s why i love boston they took on the establishment and lost but never wavered.

  9. There we go, finally they’re working – apparently was a bad video on YouTube,

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