Best Super Bowl commercials 2014

The best Super Bowl commercials, 2014.  (Of the ones I could see ahead of time -stay tuned, I’ll update this as we go along.)

UPDATE: Coke is getting lambasted on YouTube for daring to air a commercial showing a melting pot of Americans singing “America the Beautiful” in various foreign languages. Ruh roh.

My personal favorite is Doberhuahua, which I posted the other day.  It’s at the bottom of this page, so you can watch it again.


This one from Budweiser seems to be a crowd-pleaser – it doesn’t really do it for me, a bit too schmaltzy.

This one, from Axe, is surprisingly cute – it definitely caught me off guard. I like it:

Duracell’s “Trust your power” is awfully nice:

Cheerios is back with America’s favorite inter-racial family:

I’m also liking the VW ad:

Then there’s the somewhat inappropriate Oikos yoghurt ad (call me a prude):

And my personal favorite, “Doberhuahua.”

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32 Responses to “Best Super Bowl commercials 2014”

  1. LawnOrder says:

    That story was disproven years and years ago. It was manufactured by a publicist. Horses are extremely skittish and all those animals around could lead to a broken leg. Horse barns are no place for goats and monkeys. Dogs are discouraged.
    Dear Lord, filter these stories in your head. Paul Ryan was reportedly seen feeding people at a soup kitchen. It doesn’t make it true.

  2. Moderator4 says:

    Judy, as I said to ronbo, you and he need to stop this back and forth, or we will put you both in time out.

  3. Moderator4 says:

    You and judybrowni need to stop going after each other, or you will both be sent to time-out.

  4. ronbo says:

    Please try to keep your word just once. Your poor English skills, lack of self-awareness and self-important attitude define you perfectly.

    Congratulations! You’ve morphed into a pathetic FOX News Viewer. You aren’t very far from stapling tea bags to your straw gardening hat. Or have you already?

  5. judybrowni says:

    Because it’s also a good thing to unmask you, and your screwed thinking.–apparently, on every topic.

    Here’s hoping even you could learn from it.

  6. ronbo says:

    There are different kinds of love, creepy Judy.

    I had so hoped you could keep your word…”I’m leaving this thread now, so you can go on talking to yourself in the internet equivalent of the round file.”

    Why aren’t you out chastising independent thinkers to ensure that we stay locked into a RepubOdem stalemate of corporatized rule?

  7. judybrowni says:

    So if you say you “love” your parents, by that you must mean…

    Oh ick, you are the creepiest creep on the internet!

  8. ronbo says:

    “the dog and horse love story”… judybrowni’s exact words.

  9. Tripoli says:

    To be fair, you’re the only one turning “animals being friends” into “interspecies bestiality love-fest.”
    Nobody else even THOUGHT that, until you started making that claim. It wasn’t even remotely implied in JudyBrown’s post. You could have posted a similar comment on a cute photo of a kitten sleeping beside a rabbit, and it would have made exactly as much sense in context.

    Either 1) you’re obsessed with sex in such a Freudian way that you see it in even the most mundane things, 2) you’re a closet zoophile projecting things on to others, or 3) you are simply paranoid about “what other people might think,” to the point that you insert the worst possible double meanings to everything you encounter.

  10. Tripoli says:

    I think it was more just absurdism.
    Plus, there’s the fact that Chihuahuas are (statistically) more likely to attack than Dobermans.

  11. ronbo says:

    Judybrowni has a serious potty mouth, foul attitude and has atrocious writing skills.

    Worse yet, she can’t admit to her simple grammatical errors. Do you think that she would acknowledge her BIG errors. As a seasoned journalist, you’d expect that a story about a horse calling up Monkeys-R-Us to secure a feisty spider money would set-off red-flags and alarms. But no, she adoringly repeats the publicist’s story and swallows it whole… along with a side of goat and pair of dogs. Judy, I’ll buy you a monkey if you can demonstrate how Seabiscuit dialed the phone to order that monkey. You are aware that Mr. Ed was not ACTUALLY a talking horse. But you are in TV… riiiight.

  12. judybrowni says:

    Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

    Creepy has your name written all over it: dog and horse fucking indeed!

    As for your lessons, in what you believe is “writing” — hah!

    I made my living as a journalist, editor and writer for over 30 years: national magazines, newspapers and in book publishing, as well as some TV.

    I doubt anyone has given (or would give) you dime one for your screechy, grammatically-challenged, stick-up-the-butt, illogical and stilted writing.

    Back in the day before the internet, when we got crazy letters to the editor that read like your screeds. we’d roll our eyes and file ’em in the round file.

    I’ll be leaving this thread now, so you can go on talking to yourself.

  13. Ray says:

    Radio Shack hit it out of the park. The rest aren’t even close.

  14. ronbo says:

    Sorry John, But I just imagine you trying to defend AMERICAblog against O’Riley where he is quoting Judibrowni writing about “the dog and horse love story”. “After famously ejecting a goat, Seabiscuit lived for the end of his days with one other horse Pumpkin, as well as two dogs and a spider monkey, who apparently suited him.”

    Imagine O’Riley leering “Really John… “suited him”?!? Is this what your lefty site is about?” It’s got the “ick-factor” that plays very, very well with his audience.

    Please, review the recent tirade on your site via Disqus where judibrowni attacked your faithful commenters calling them “idiots”, “fools” and “bone-heads” 10+ times in a single string. Her invectives are not there for the purpose of debate or advancing knowledge.

    I’m proud that your site has never been a Dem-bot haven; you’ve always encouraged views outside the Right/Left trap.

  15. ronbo says:

    When one uses quotation marks, it indicate that they are actually quoting something. Please try to stay current in modern journalism/English. (read it please)

    Your journalistic knowledge appears quite limited… as you just used 4 sets of quotation marks improperly. Yet, like the logic of a 70 year-old FOX News viewer, you attempt to chastise me WITHIN and WHILE making multiple errors.

    Unless you are going for ironic angst, each of your posts just get creepier and creepier. Your invectives reflect YOU more than anyone else.

  16. judybrowni says:

    You don’t understand how metaphors work, do you?

    Or quotes.

    That “thought process” phrase should have been a clue.

    However, you come across as generally clueless, so there’s that.

  17. ronbo says:

    Judy, if you are going to use quotes, then you need to actually quote someone – not a fabrication from your own mind. What I wrote was “I can vote for whomever I choose, It’s my RIGHT to vote third-party.”

  18. Clevelandchick says:

    Doberhuahua was the best hands down.


  20. That was rather unnecessarily rude. I found her comment really interesting.

  21. judybrowni says:

    And yet, you’re the one with thinking so screwed that you construe a sweet (factual) story about Seabuscuit’s animal companions into dog and horse fucking!

    A sweet story related (with no hint of interspecies intercourse, of course) in both the best-selling, critically- acclaimed non-fiction book Seabiscuit, and the award-winning film.

    Thousands of words have been written about both book and film, and you’re the only one, to my knowledge, to take that dirty and icky tack.

    But what can one expect of someone whose thought process includes, “When I help elect more Republicans, that will create a progressive paradise (although it never has, yet)!”

  22. Eric Trommater says:

    The fact that everyone is talking about the commercials just goes to show how bad the game was.

  23. cole3244 says:

    make love not war, i have a dream.

  24. dula says:

    Fox will be outraged today that Axe brand created an ad promoting love not war.

  25. ronbo says:

    The issue is how judybrown can make people’s skin crawl.. Please stop the posts of animal fetish. We don’t need to hear your fantasy of dogs sleeping with horses sleeping with spider monkeys.

    Some right-winger could use your posts to smear the entire left. In fact, you appear new to this site and could very well BE that person – you do have a potty mouth and fetish for voting strict RepubODem.

  26. judybrowni says:

    You obviously have major issues.

  27. RepubAnon says:

    And imagine the uproar and outrage in the Lower Wingnuttia if someone had sent out a Tweet stating that conservatives wouldn’t like that commercial…

  28. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    I rather liked the Oikos commercial. It’s probably due to my ongoing John Stamos fantasies. Of course, there’s no girl in my fantasies.

  29. ronbo says:

    Dear Lord, you are getting creepier with each post. Put down the keyboard before you start telling people about Seabiscuit’s eHarmony account. You are aware that you can’t read minds and that horses, monkeys and dogs are never to be included in your or any Ménage à trois.

  30. karmanot says:

    What fun! Thanks!!!!

  31. josephsinger says:

    Doberhauaha just furthers the stereotype that Dobermans are mean dogs.

  32. judybrowni says:

    as for the dog and horse love story, if memory serves it’s common for race horses to have companions in their stalls, often of their own choosing.

    After famously ejecting some other horses (and a goat) Seabiscuit lived for the end of his days with one other horse, as well as two dogs and a spider monkey who suited him.

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