Best Super Bowl commercials 2014

The best Super Bowl commercials, 2014.  (Of the ones I could see ahead of time -stay tuned, I’ll update this as we go along.)

UPDATE: Coke is getting lambasted on YouTube for daring to air a commercial showing a melting pot of Americans singing “America the Beautiful” in various foreign languages. Ruh roh.

My personal favorite is Doberhuahua, which I posted the other day.  It’s at the bottom of this page, so you can watch it again.


This one from Budweiser seems to be a crowd-pleaser – it doesn’t really do it for me, a bit too schmaltzy.

This one, from Axe, is surprisingly cute – it definitely caught me off guard. I like it:

Duracell’s “Trust your power” is awfully nice:

Cheerios is back with America’s favorite inter-racial family:

I’m also liking the VW ad:

Then there’s the somewhat inappropriate Oikos yoghurt ad (call me a prude):

And my personal favorite, “Doberhuahua.”

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