Dutch Olympic coach disses US, Stephen Colbert’s response is priceless

Stephen Colbert had a laugh-out-loud field day going after Dutch Olympic couch Jillert Anema (Colbert pronounced the coach’s last name “Enema”), who viciously laid into the US team, and the US, in an interview the other day.

It was a bizzare interview from the Dutch coach. Going on about how insular America is (fair point), but then lecturing us about how we play American football, and no one else does, so it proves how arrogant we are, or something.

Colbert was having none of it.


It’s definitely up there as one of Colbert’s funniest segments.  (For those unaware, Stephen Colbert is a left-wing American who pretends to be a right-wing American television host, but he really isn’t – it’s comedy.)

Stick that in your dyke and plug it.

You know, I don’t speak a lot of Dutch, but I learned a little for the occasion: “F*ck you.” I certainly hope I’m pronouncing that correctly.

Who cares what the Dutch think about anything? You people can’t even decide on a name for your damn country. Which is it? It it “Holland”? Is it “the Netherlands”? “The Low Country”? Is it “Belgium’s Canada”? Who knows. That’s why I just call it what it is, “Hitler’s Left Turn Lane.”


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109 Responses to “Dutch Olympic coach disses US, Stephen Colbert’s response is priceless”

  1. herpnderpn says:

    Who cares about those “assets”. hundreds of millions of people do not partake part in winter sports in the USA. I really couldn’t care less about winter sports as the majority of people in the USA don’t….I think they are quite silly….almost as stupid as the NFL. So please, if you want to say you are better at winter sports, no argument here, just apathy.

  2. DebChavis says:

    Huh the U. S. A. did. You just did the math man. Russia won the most metals and we came in 2nd place. A lot of people don’t want to acknowledge that the U.S.A. is tough competition but when that happens you just set yourselves up to lose. Better luck next time.

  3. DebChavis says:

    Mr. Jillert Anema is jealous obviously. Yes we Americans love our football and that’s just the way it is. Mr. Anema has a severe case of an inferiority complex. It’s a shame he couldn’t even show sportsmanship like the other countries. What a LOSER. Some people just can’t take winning gracefully.

  4. Theodoor Westerhof says:

    With hundreds of millions of people more to recruit from, snow and ice in some states in every winter, and mountains and the X-games. And all you could do with those assets is getting just a single golden medal more, than a country which has turned skating in a professional sport, just as professional as the NFL.

  5. Theodoor Westerhof says:

    AND Kleibeuker…

  6. Theodoor Westerhof says:

    The answer to your question, if “American’s” is understood to as personel of the US Forces, is: NO. They are all in Margraten, which is one graveyard, which is though on Dutch territory, as much possessed by the United States of America as Guantánamo Bay.

  7. Theodoor Westerhof says:

    If it is about sportsmanship, why are you feeling entitled to rant, whine and complain about a coach of a winning team explaining why another team was not a contender? He was not talking about the war, and the people fallen in it, but you dishonor by using the waste of their lives as a petty arguement in a discussion about sport culture!

  8. Theodoor Westerhof says:

    Not a single one in the Adler Arena, so the conversation was already limited to skating and that’s what he was asked after. Man, you don’t ask the Seahawk’s manager why the Cowboys did not win the Superbowl do you or why hockey gold was not won?

  9. Zeb Norris says:

    You missed my point.
    The Dutch coach said The USA didn’t win “any” medals.
    And it’s MR. Norris to you.

  10. Y187 says:

    So he basically just redid a large part of Jon Stewart’s segment about Belgium.. http://vimeo.com/18933103#t=1m6s

  11. Gui C says:

    Hahahahahaha, very funny!!!! Hitlers left turn lane :’)
    Peace and love from The Hague, The Netherlands.

  12. ronbo says:

    Fascism. It’s on the rise. In America, we call them Republicans, the Tea Party and Neo-Liberals. Historical references are especially painful in the Netherlands, the land of Anne Frank.


  13. sequoiaqueneaux says:

    Good grief, you see Nazis around every corner. It’s super odd.

  14. sequoiaqueneaux says:

    Your OBSESSION with this imaginary “exceptionaistic chant” is really boring. I thought it was very funny, but I’m not a hyper-sensitive, self-loathing weirdo. Talk about being tightly wound. You are completely unraveling over a Colbert segment. Hitler is coming! It’s FASCISM on Comedy Central! Durrrrrrrrr.
    You just called my “true colors” “fairly ugly” which sounds like an insult and character assassination to me. That makes you a hypocrite.

  15. K.V. says:

    Wait a minute, so chanting “USA” and being proud of America automatically makes you a right-winger? Tell that to Barack Obama. Both times that he won the Presidential election, he called America the greatest country in the world.

  16. K.V. says:

    Oh, how I love Stephen Colbert!

  17. K.V. says:

    He’s just jealous!

  18. ronbo says:

    If you can’t see both sides, then you probably can’t see either side.

    Of course Anema is being dickish. What I pointed out was how easily the audience slipped into an exceptionalistic chant.

    You are waaay to tightly wound/defensive if my pointing out an example of American Exceptionalism has you on edge hurling insults and character assassinations.

    Your true colors are fairly ugly.

  19. sequoiaqueneaux says:

    Whatever. You are obviously are too dense to understand the irony reflected in the segment and you are silent on the vile and vulgar exceptionalism expressed by the Dutch coach, to which the crowd was having fun responding.

    Now that I know you are American, that’s even more lame. Self-loathing Americans are so annoying and it doesn’t make anybody like you any more. In fact, people will respect you less.

    So U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

  20. ronbo says:

    You can convince me that a couple were tongue-in-cheeking it; but far more were expressing their exceptionalism. It’s what we are trained to do from birth.

    Calling names like a 6 year old is certainly a way to display your maturity. Not a good way; but, it shows everyone exactly who you are.

  21. herpnderpn says:

    The audience is in on the joke, trust me, it is the Colbert report, it is in its ninth season. The audience knows what to expect, the audience plays along in many instances though in some cases their responses are heartfelt.

    Watch the Colbert Report for a while and you will see exactly what I am talking about. This is much different than a USA chant you would see on fox news.

  22. sequoiaqueneaux says:

    So you want the audience to boo people you don’t like? That’s trashy and childish.

    Yeah, sure. A fun U-S-A! chant on a comedy show is exactly like the rise of Hitler. Great point. Weirdo.

  23. ronbo says:

    What I’m pointing out is that the audience isn’t in on the joke as they are caught up in exceptionalism chanting “USA, USA…. I don’t see them responding to Colbert’s satire with even more satire. A natural response to satire is laughter; not “USA, USA…”

    If you’ve EVER been to a comedy club where the audience has spontaneously started the chant, you’ve been going to strange clubs indeed.

  24. Jess Marvin says:

    Who is not making much sense? You quite obviously have a short memory. Read your previous post. It is simple “just read” your post! And then read mine. I have already stated Iraq and Afghanistan Wars were unnecessary wars. Got it! “Notthere” is a perfect description of you ability to reason. Read your post of USA special interest in WWII. Idiotic! My lack of restraint is my response to ignorant, uninformed people like you. I can not control your country sending troops to Afghanistan. For that matter I couldn’t control my country from sending troops to Afghanistan. I was not for it at all…Got it? You have absolutely no knowledge of history. Pissing on somebody’s leg and calling them dirty is a saying…it is disrespect. Live with it! Now go back to your Google search and try to act intelligent…it’s not working! Take you own advice….Chill

  25. herpnderpn says:

    Are you ignorant? Please, study satire, you would see that your entire argument here is quite baseless and makes you look quite silly.

  26. ronbo says:

    Are you uneducated? Please study Shock and Wave. You could learn, OR you could spew put-downs. I’m hoping for the former.

  27. herpnderpn says:

    It is pretty sad when people can’t see simple satire for what it is.

  28. ronbo says:

    The cheer Colbert, not his right-winger guests.

    Apparently, you like straw-man arguments. I cheer the athletes. I don’t cheer exceptionalism as that is the foundation of fascism.

    You may see the argument silly; but, history proves you wrong.

  29. herpnderpn says:

    It is a simple retort to a convoluted post. Your characterization of my reaction as a “display of blind allegiance/jingoism” is much more of a knee jerk reaction. You react with such hyperbole to one simple statement. Lynch mob? Really? Give your reactions and the fact that you may be dutch I must ask:

    Are you stoned?

  30. ronbo says:

    Anne36 makes a relevant point and your reaction is a kneejerk put-down. Much like a FOX viewer, you display blind allegiance/jingoism when she brings facts. I don’t agree with all her conclusions; but, her style is respectful with dignity.

    I can’t say the same for you. She is right to view you as quite potentially (in another time) as part of a lynching mob.

  31. sequoiaqueneaux says:

    No offense but the Dutch are certainly not know for their humor over Americans.

  32. sequoiaqueneaux says:

    Oh my God. A joking U-S-A chant is Hitler-y? How about the smug superiority of the Dutch coach looking down on Americans? He was absolutely vile in that interview and the show and audience was having fun with it. It’s very clear.

    Everybody else but Americans are allowed to be patriotic, though. Got it.

  33. sequoiaqueneaux says:

    They cheer the right-wingers because the entire premise of the show is a mock right-wing news-er-tainment show.

    Also, coach Enema was cheering Dutch exceptionalism and superiority over Americans. Which is apparently fine. Why is it okay for everybody else to think they’re the best, but if Americans do it’s suddenly fascism? That’s ridiculous and hypocritical.

    I’ve been around the world enough, lived in enough places and met enough people to know that what you call “blind allegiance” is not an American thing. Nor is exceptionalism. Nor is patriotism. Nor are bombastic displays of nationalism. You’re just apparently only offended when Americans do it.

    To suggest that a liberal audience tongue-in-cheek doing the U-S-A! chant (which by the way there is nothing wrong with the U-S-A! chant) is leading up to or reflecting a wave of fascism that is dangerous is beyond silly.

  34. herpnderpn says:

    It is satire.

  35. herpnderpn says:

    Please, where is the relevance of your statement to mine?

  36. ronbo says:

    Never build your foundation upon blind allegiance; that’s the takeaway from the Nazis. Anne36 has learned from history.

  37. ronbo says:

    Could be…. But, even the talk-away from this tread proves just the opposite. Watch Colbert regularly and you’ll rarely see his audience cheer the right-wingers. The cheering is for American exceptionalism. Keep in mind that there was once cheering for German Exceptionalism and look how powerful that became in the ’30s.

    American has many, many great values; but, blind allegiance isn’t one of them.

  38. ronbo says:

    But the audience reaction was exactly like a FOX audience. American exceptionalism is an illusion.

  39. Jess Marvin says:

    I think I mentioned that above…. sportsmanship…..do you only retain what suits your purpose. You are really full of yourself! But very unattractive to others.
    You know where you can put your “TwoLips”……Funny Stephen Funny

  40. Jess Marin says:

    Once again I will try to give a Netherlander an elementary history lesson. The European Campaign was under the command of General Dwight David Eisenhower an American. Got it? Are you with me so far? The U.S. Army 101st Airborne were ordered in an Allied Operation, “Operation Market Garden” it was unsuccessful. Which must delight you and your bigoted coach. If one American died trying to save your sorry bigoted ass, it was one too many. Please don’t lecture me on how I honor Americas Fallen. My cousin a US Marine died on Tinian Island in the Pacific and as stated before an Uncle who served in Europe.
    You assume a lot, but know little. American Troops to other troops were staggering, and we sent them over in U-boat infested waters. When you send money do you merely press “enter”?
    I am growing tired of your little country syndrome grow up! And as Stephen Colbert said, ” You know where you can put your “Two Lips”. (Tulips) So funny!

  41. herpnderpn says:

    Again, you cite the fact that we beat you in the medal count.

  42. herpnderpn says:

    No silly, the American phrase is “If it’s dutch it ain’t much”

  43. herpnderpn says:

    Lucky for us? seriously, what would be the penalty if the dutch though ill of ever American?

  44. herpnderpn says:

    stoner talk.

  45. herpnderpn says:

    Are you stoned?

  46. herpnderpn says:

    You live in a frozen wasteland…of course you will be good at winter sports….we still beat you though.

  47. herpnderpn says:

    Did you ever thank us for the mcdonalds, marlboro and other multinationals?

  48. herpnderpn says:

    If you were to retract your money the US would not be in serious trouble, our large diverse economy has absorbed worse hits. However you failed to mention that the US is the third largest investor in the Netherlands, could your economy take a similar hit?

    The fact that you had to be liberated by the canadians of all nations makes you look worse than france.

    Perhaps if you would have been more vigilant of your neighbors WW2 might not have happened in the first place.

    That fourth paragraph is irrelevant gibberish.

    Lost our game in speed skating? Did we ever have a game in speed skating, I don’t know, I don’t care….nobody really cares here, it is like soccer, boring….it is not important, yet the coach goes “off the meds” over it.

  49. herpnderpn says:

    Which country has really one more medals? That would be the US.

  50. herpnderpn says:

    Yes, we still beat you.

  51. sequoiaqueneaux says:

    Yeah, we won more medals than you. ‘Nuff said.

    And I’m glad you’re so happy your bitter, angry, pathetic coach made a fool of himself on American TV. Way to go. What sportsmanship. Makes me happy to be American and not Dutch.

  52. sequoiaqueneaux says:

    The USA really won more medals. This is a fact and not debatable. We also won more medals in a far wider spectrum of events and our best athletes are apparently better than your best athletes. See you in Rio, where we sill stomp you again.

  53. herpnderpn says:

    I never said that the coach didn’t have ANY valid points, did I? Very few in the states care about soccer, it is boring, the rest of the world loves it, yet we couldn’t care less. Same with speed skating….though even with our relative indifference to the winter games, we still beat Hitler’s left turn lane in the medal count.

  54. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:


  55. Tom Scott says:

    must correct NED G 35 S 36 B = 105 vs USA G 29 S 22 B 16 = 67. My last post di not include this years totals. Sorry.

  56. Tom Scott says:

    U.S. speedskating program has won more gold medals (29) than any other country.

  57. Anne36 says:

    It’s not about ware, this about sport Jess:

    226 athletes 33 medals – Russia
    135 athletes 26 medals – Norway
    221 athletes 25 medals – Canada
    230 athletes 28 medals – United States
    153 athletes 19 medals – Germany
    168 athletes 11 medals – Switzerland
    130 athletes 17 medals – Austria
    105 athletes 15 medals – France

    And …………..as finishing touch,… God created the Dutch:
    41 athletes 24 medals – Netherlands

    Jillert practises a beautifull (and well know) ‘shock and wave technique’ in Interviews. The American NBC did not know what hit them.

  58. Anne36 says:

    That’s Jillert his technique…. You slowly lure them and then make the kill. He is hyllaric, but has some points.

  59. Anne36 says:

    Yee that is right Norris,

    226 athletes 33 medals – Russia
    135 athletes 26 medals – Norway
    221 athletes 25 medals – Canada
    230 athletes 28 medals – United States
    153 athletes 19 medals – Germany
    168 athletes 11 medals – Switzerland
    130 athletes 17 medals – Austria
    105 athletes 15 medals – France

    And as finishing touch God created the Dutch:
    41 athletes 24 medals – Netherlands

  60. Anne36 says:

    Yeh right, if foreign countrie do good at sport it is state sponsored. What a crap. Do some research. The Chinese gold winner in skating is actually part of a commercial moder skate team. The Dutch don’t poure a lot of money in to skating. They skate well because the sport is popular in Netherlands. It is as huge as biking in the Netherlands. Don’t write crap if you don’t know the details. Here some facts:

    226 athletes 33 medals – Russia
    135 athletes 26 medals – Norway
    221 athletes 25 medals – Canada
    230 athletes 28 medals – United States
    153 athletes 19 medals – Germany
    168 athletes 11 medals – Switzerland
    130 athletes 17 medals – Austria
    105 athletes 15 medals – France

    And as finishing touch God created the Dutch:
    41 athletes 24 medals – Netherlands

  61. Anne36 says:

    you probably mean the Von Hoaks… ;) If we would measure you as person based on the behavior of the Americans on TV in interviews. We would conclude: all Americans are nationalistic self centered lunatics…

    But lucky for you… we don’t. ;)

    So just must admit Jillert is hyllaric! It ain’t much if it isn’t Dutch.

  62. Anne36 says:

    Funny Jess that you have to take history in your dicussions about not being able to win medals in speedskating. There was also an other American here somewere who said ‘we want our money back’. Well, I guess the Dutch could do the same. As this tiny nation is the 3rd largest foreign investor in the USA creating over 625.000 jobs in the USA if we believe wikipedia. If they would retract their invested money your nation would be in serious trouble. As visa versa.

    So be carefull what you wish for. For your information : the Netherlands was largely liberated by Canadians, that does not mean also English, Polish soldiers as well as Americans were involved.

    And if the (American) car manufacturer Henri Ford had not funded hitlers pre war campaign there would maybe have not been millions of people gashed in camps, but who knows… Ford’s American book “The International Jew.” has also influenced many in European to start hating Jews and become a nazi.

    But that is history, maybe we should stick ot the ‘now’.
    Facti is that the Netherlands is one of the few (maybe the only) country who has waiting lists for families who want to be adopt a grave of a foreign allied soldier that died during WO2 in Netherlands. I think Jess you need to be carefull maybe with the way you disrespect the death of your fellow Americans by connecting them or leveling them as low as or to a funny discussion about why the Americans did not win any skate medals.

    It’s crystal clear that the American have lost their game in speedskating. And that was what this coach asked. Why do you win so many medals? He explains it pretty clear and in a hyllaric method.

  63. Anne36 says:

    Ummm, some Americans have lost their sence of humor. Jillert was hyllaric.

  64. Anne36 says:

    226 athletes 33 medals – Russia

    135 athletes 26 medals – Norway

    221 athletes 25 medals – Canada

    230 athletes 28 medals – United States

    41 athletes 24 medals – Netherlands

    153 athletes 19 medals – Germany

    168 athletes 11 medals – Switzerland

    130 athletes 17 medals – Austria

    105 athletes 15 medals – France

    nuff said

  65. Jess Marvin says:

    Sorry I don’t remember. The pilgrims also left Holland for religious freedom. I use my real name “Guest” because I stand by what I say. If you helped start the Land that I love, then Thank you. We are not perfect. But I would not condone a USA coach being disrespectful to any country. Your coach needs to grow up.

  66. Notthere says:

    unfortunately your statement ironically underlines the coaches point, no matter how carried away he got.

  67. jess Marvin says:

    Yeah Dutch Treat!…… Great logic money verse’s lives. If you are dumb enough to loan the Republican Congress in my country money, then you deserve what you get!
    Listen when I was young we had neighbor’s from Holland, the Van De Hoaks. (spelling) they were beautiful people. Nobody more loving, giving, caring. They came to America to seek refuse during or soon after WWII. I never had this conversation with them. It was never needed, we respected each other. Your coach lacked respect! By the way NFL don’t go there….”animals”

  68. Notthere says:

    You’re not making much sense here. Or showing much knowledge of history.
    The Dutch sent 2100 troops (including aircraft) to Afghanistan which, by population, was equivalent to about 40,000 US. A war they didn’t need to get into at all. Iraq a war we didn’t. Who is on what wrong side of history? And why “again”? And proven wrong where? Ramming what documented history down whose throat?
    I think above you have already shown a lack of restraint and knowledge. No one is pissing on your leg unless it’s yourself.

  69. Houteklomp says:

    We helped you free yourselves from the tyranny of the British, so then we’re even?

  70. Jess Marvin says:

    Man……..that’s gratitude for you. We should have let Moscow be the Capital “Neither”land. If it wasn’t for the U.S. you’d be sipping Vodka in Siberia. “Unfortunately” we saved your ass…like it or not!

  71. Houteklomp says:

    Unfortunately though the US continued fighting after WWII in their bid to stop “them commies”, and as such has done much damage throughout the world. Sad to say, but true.

  72. Jess Marvin says:

    Iraq and Afghanistan self interest wars is a real thing. A little history lesson here. Germany and Japan for that matter, were making acts of aggression and that had nothing to do with McDonald’s or Coca-Cola or for that matter any American interests. You are on the wrong side of history again! And Wow! Talk about oversensitivity, someone proves you wrong and all of a sudden they’re “ramming” documented history down the throats of someone who is disrespectful to a country that came to their aid. Take a lesson from Australia, they are grateful to the United States for keeping Japan off their shores. I do not hate. Look above and you will see I am open minded. But piss on my leg and call me dirty………………you got a problem.

  73. Will says:

    Per capita is rarely used, very few people detract from china’s medal count.

  74. kouwearie says:

    Rofl are you that dumb? The Netherlands have a population around 17 million people…
    The Netherlands have 8 golden medals, 7 silver medals, and 9 bronze medals.
    USA has a population of 317 million people, that is 18 x more people.
    USA has 9 golden medals, 7 silver, and 12 bronze medals.
    Which country really won more medals? Big oops?

  75. Notthere says:

    Wow! A little oversensitivity as that is not what I said or claimed. And over the top about Nazis. If, 70 years later, you want to keep ramming it down people’s throats how we saved them without recognizing any self-interest involved, it is no wonder them furners start to resent the imprint of the USA.
    Chill. And enjoy diversity at home and abroad. Save the hate for real enemies.

  76. Jess Marvin says:

    Oh, so there are no American’s In Netherland graveyards? It was a joint action under British Command.
    This “guest” below who must be related to the bigoted speed skating ranting coach. Hmmmm….Perhaps you would have rather be a Nazi?

  77. Jess Marvin says:

    Thank you for setting me straight. I made a generalization which is wrong and I do apologize. But so did the Netherland Coach, and as of yet I have not heard an apology from him. Perhaps you should inform him of his generalization.
    I am sure the families of the boy’s who did not come home would thank your country for the care and respect of the fallen soldiers. My Uncle served in WWII in which he Spearheaded Normandy on Utah Beach and survived only to serve in The Battle of the Bulge. He would never speak of the war.
    But the Olympics should be about sportsmanship not the ranting’s of a bigoted coach.

  78. sequoiaqueneaux says:

    Good for you. We won 28 medals. Suck it. And we beat you at pretty much every sport on Earth.

    U-S-A! U-S-A!

    By the way, I’m mocking your crude and childish arrogance. You’re worse than Americans and so is your beloved Coach Enema.

  79. sequoiaqueneaux says:

    Ummm, I don’t think you understand the irony and the audience participation in the show.

  80. sequoiaqueneaux says:

    Only that we have sports here nobody plays and we call ourselves the best in the world at them.

    Otherwise, I’d say the US performs pretty darn well internationally in a wide range of sports. He goes on to babble about how we’re so “narrow-minded” in our sports, so then what is winning 22 medals and 21 in the same damn sport?

  81. sequoiaqueneaux says:

    Ummm, we won more medals than the Dutch and the US is one of the dominant nations in the Summer Olympics as well. What is Coach Enema babbling about?

  82. TURDBUG says:

    Please don’t wear your klompen inside the house. Our rugs are quit delicate. But I do like the little pink flower designs.

  83. The_Fixer says:

    Perhaps what some people may not get is that Colbert was commenting just as a jingoistic Fox news personality would have responded (likely in private – but they’ve been known to say such things in public). It was a little over-the-top for comedic effect – that’s what Colbert does. And I think that the audience played along by chanting “USA!”

    Let’s face it, blaming it on the speed-skating suits is pretty lame. And the Dutch coach may have been a little stupid, or perhaps he was trying to use humor in a way that didn’t come off well.

    Regardless, I think Colbert’s bit was funny, and I really don’t care if the U.S. won any gold medals at the Olympics. I think the whole thing is a waste of money and think that perhaps it’s time for a “New Olympics”. One that operates in the professed spirit of the games. Because the ridiculously costly spectacle that we have now is simply a money grab and the members of the IOC need to find other work as vulture capitalists.

  84. Zeb Norris says:

    The USA took more Gold medals and more medals overall that The Netherlands.

  85. BdeCrom says:

    Hey Mr. Marvin.. You know what, every single day Dutch people visit the U.S. graveyards here voluntarily and clean the graves, bring flowers and bring respect to your fallen countrymen! Every single day!

    Maybe you can visit this small ignorant country one day and see for yourself how whe treat fallen soldiers here. Don’t judge to fast..

  86. Notthere says:

    Directly speaking the Netherlands fell within the British front, although the Airborne took part in a Bridge Too Far, but of course, in a wider sense, yes. See marc above; the Dutch have a pretty weird sense of humor at times, so I’ll put it down to that although I’ve also been on the wrong end of some outlandish behavior from them, too. I’d imagine that when the US has won in the past we might not have been too gracious and that might have stung him.
    If by some coincidence I had been at this show or watching it with some Nederlander I’d have been more embarrassed by Colbert and his crowd.
    It’s much easier for the big guy to act with grace and accommodation yet we rarely do.
    Like watching the Olympics, the best in the world are hardly acknowledged unless they are ours.

  87. herpnderpn says:

    But, we still beat you…..even though nobody cares about the winter olympics in the USA….it is almost as boring as soccer.

  88. herpnderpn says:

    You gotta figure when your country makes it appear that poland put up a valliant struggle by comparison, there are going to be some raw nerves.

  89. herpnderpn says:

    Your country? I think you are referring to our little stoner commonwealth.

  90. kwd says:

    It’s speed skating.

  91. Guido Waaiboom says:

    That’s ok Sndr18 … thanks for your comment! And I mean that, too.

  92. Guido Waaiboom says:

    I think then that Mr. Colbert was born in the early 1900s. We’re in the year 2014 now. In case he doesn’t know it or hasn’t read it in his high school history books, Hitler died in 1945 and Germany has long ceased to be a Nazi nation. I hope he catches up on the news, poor dear.

  93. Guest says:

    Of course of course of course! … so that you could sell your Coca-Cola and McDonald’s years after the war! You are right. It wasn’t worth it. So TAKE YOUR MULTINATIONALS OUT OF OUR COUNTRY and stop using our banks to whitewash your dirt.

  94. Jess Marvin says:

    Hey you “Neither”lander” ………..many American soldiers died liberating your country from Nazi Germany. Get some respect and go to a military graveyard in your low land country and pay some respect to those who gave their life for you. Sad to say it wasn’t worth I………………

  95. Sndr18 says:

    Nah, Hitler and ww2 is still a sensitive issue so i think it wasn’t necessary.

  96. Sndr18 says:

    Nah, this is still a very sensitive issue in The Netherlands. It wasn’t necessary.

  97. Uh, okay. But you gotta admit, the Hitler joke was pretty pricless ;-)

  98. Marc says:

    It wasn’t like the male host at MSNBC did some things that were uncalled for aswell. A not-native speaker should be given the benefit of the doubt when he comes across rude. Later in the clip you would see him telling the hosts he likes to watch Basketball and American Football and likes to try and catch a game whenever he comes to visit the US. He doesn’t seem to mean it as bad as it comes across. It might have even been a joke that fel flat.

    Instead of trying to figure out what he was trying to say, he gets attacked straight away by the male host with a weird Hans Brinker reference (without realizing it’s neither a dutch story nor a dutch author) and yelling that this one US speed skater from years ago is better then the rest. Then one provocation led to another.

    It was just a bad piece of television all around, except when you are into the drama.

  99. Marc says:

    Completely agree, it was unsportmans like even when I feel part of the harshness is due to the language barrier. I do want to point out that he doesn’t speak for the entire dutch delegation though, not even for all the speed skaters. The dutch speed skaters get to take their preferred coach. Anema only trains 2 of the skaters. Bergsma, who won gold at 10 KM, and de Jong, bronze at 10 KM.

  100. Guido Waaiboom says:

    The Dutch coach doesn’t care if you think he’s an ass. The Dutch coach doesn’t care what you think he deserved or didn’t deserve. That is your problem, not his. The Dutch coach doesn’t care if Stephen Colbert is TOTALLY IGNORANT about The Netherlands. No insult or degrading comment by any so-called American “commentator” (who is just trying to be funny by insulting others) will change that. And the only reason he uses insults is that he doesn’t have enough intelligence to use anything else. Nothing you or anybody else in the “great old” USA will change the fact that 24 medals were won by us. AND THAT IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS. Your broadcasters can curse and insult and use satire to mask their ignorance of other countries — WE STILL WON 24 MEDALS. PERIOD. LONG LIVE THE NETH!

  101. Having said that, while watching the piece I was thinking to myself that this was less a parody than real. IMHO that Dutch coach was an ass, and the jokes were funny as hell and well-deserved. The coach started with a fine point about us often thinking we’re number one, then he went off on an anti-american screed. I’m happy to recognize my country’s flaws, I also still love it. I cheered too. The Dutch coach deserved what he got.

  102. He started well, then became insane.

  103. HolyMoly says:

    Exactly. “We didn’t win because of our suits” can be interpreted as “The teams who DID win medals didn’t deserve it.” It could mean that (1) it wasn’t meant to be interpreted that way (anyone who goes through our educational system is at risk of choosing their words poorly) or (2) we have a superiority complex. Maybe (3) a blend of both.

    So I think this coach has a few valid points. On the other hand, sportsmanship goes both ways. Even though the U.S. team said something that can easily be interpreted as unsportsmanlike, the proper response for any other team member or coach would be to take the high road and maintain their own sportsmanlike stature. The coach took himself down a notch or two by responding in kind, which is a shame, because he purports to speak for his entire team.

  104. kwd says:

    Hilarious, though I think the Dutch coach makes some valid points.

  105. kwd says:

    It’s supposed to resemble something straight off FOX.

  106. Badgerite says:

    Did he just say we “don’t know our place”. OMG! Grudge match – 2018.

  107. ronbo says:

    This looks like something straight off FOX. Notice that the audience chant “USA, USA, USA” is authentic. This is concerning when a left-leaning audience can be so easily led into the state of Jingoism where a left turn leads to Fascism.

    I truly love Colbert and Stewart; but, can someone ask Comedy Central to edit down the 30 seconds of cheering before each clip?

  108. CA_2013 says:

    At the Olympics, certain countries do well in particular sports, and the Dutch have obviously poured a lot of money and resources into talent development for speed skating. There were a whole bunch of other sports at the Olympics where the Dutch won zero medals but the U.S. did have podium finishes.

    And you’re right, if the U.S. wanted to win more medals at both the summer and winter Olympics we could pour all available resources into these sports and would probably dominate them. But that’s not what Americans have chosen to do and that’s quite alright.

    On another note, the Chinese team performed poorly at these past Olympic relative to the other countries’ teams, which is interesting given China’s state-sponsored Soviet style sports system that is designed to win Olympic medals.

  109. Marc says:

    This coach has always been a bit of a loose cannon. I think the coach got a bit annoyed by the notion that the only thing standing between the US and speed skating medals is a better suit. That’s the arrogance he talks about. The whole discussion seems to not even consider the simply fact that currently the US speed skating team just isn’t good enough to get any medals.

    He kind of looses himself, but the point he makes is pretty straightforward and valid. Sports like American Football soak up talent and money that could have been spend on other (Olympic) sports. A country like the Netherlands simply invested more in speed skating (the only country with commercial teams) and it pays off. If the US wants to win more medals, it should spend more money, talent and effort on sports that are going to win them those medals.

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