Would you help a boy sitting alone freezing at a bus stop? They did. (heart-warming video)

Some people did a little test in Norway. A young boy sat at a bus or tram stop, without a jacket, all alone, in the freezing weather. How would people react?

I have to admit, my heart sank, thinking this was going to be awful. And it was wonderful.


People just starting take off their jackets – two people didn’t even have sleeves on their shirts, but still gave the boy their coat.

It was really wonderful.


Judging by the end of the video, this might also be an ad for a service to help at-risk kids. In any case, it was nice to see people step up and help. It would be interesting to try something similar in big and small towns across America. Would we pass?


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26 Responses to “Would you help a boy sitting alone freezing at a bus stop? They did. (heart-warming video)”

  1. trista niap says:

    my Aunty Arianna got a nearly new silver
    Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab by working part time off of a macbook air. try this

  2. houstonray says:

    I just about fell off the couch reading this exchange, y’all are cracking me up.

    Very heartwarming video, and yes, I’d like to think we’d pass here in the US.

  3. cole3244 says:

    good for them.
    i believe you can have racism within a predominantly black society its just based on how dark the color of ones skin is compared to another citizen, i would like to see a study to see if that is a fact or my imagination.
    does the white hat black hat syndrome stretch to all societies black, brown, yellow, and white?

  4. Swami_Binkinanda says:

    My relatives in Oslo had neighbors from all over Eurasia and Africa and they were all civil and friendly and helpful. There are some suck people everywhere *Breivig* but watching all these different people be skiing squareheads together really drove home that its America that imposes color shade rankings on people, and maybe some countries follow our lead on that. I think America is pretty unique in its overt race heirarchy.

  5. ComradeRutherford says:

    Don’t let Congress know about that service in DC, the Conservatives will shut it down because it helps people.

  6. ComradeRutherford says:

    In America the Conservatives would have kicked him off the bench and then shot him to death for being poor.

  7. Naja pallida says:

    That’s how I dress when I travel, to speed up the time I spend with the TSA.

  8. And it’s curious he wanted you to only wear a trench coat and a fedora, but I suspect on you it’d be fetching ;-)

  9. AnthonyLook says:

    Don’t ever doubt, that there is hope for mankind.

  10. cole3244 says:

    in norway they are not as racially diverse as america and that’s the rub, different colors and ethnicity brings out a lot of evil in people especially conservative thinkers.

  11. Silver_Witch says:

    Ferd – I have $100 I would be more than happy to chip in to PLAY it just once on FOX…..right in the middle of the three morning idiots please!

  12. Silver_Witch says:

    More than once on the bus in DC I gave my gloves or scarf to an older/young person that looked cold or had not mittens. People are actually pretty nice in reality – when given the chance and ONE SMALL action can cause a wonderful chain reaction. I totally support random acts of kindness – as silly as that may sound.

    P.S. In DC there is also a city service you can call if you see someone without shoes or freezing, they would come how and give a sleeping bag or socks and shoes to said person. It made me think perhaps DC did have a heart hidden deep deep inside. That is my hope anyway.

  13. heimaey says:

    Actually if it were an adult and not a cute little white kid (although I will give Norway credit and say that a cute little black kid would receive similar treatment there) that person would be ignored, especially if they were a minority.

  14. Mike_in_the_Tundra says:

    I wish it wasn’t so true.

  15. You said wouldn’t talk about that ;-)

  16. heimaey says:

    This made me laugh out loud. Sad but true.

  17. heimaey says:

    Call me a jaded New Yorker but I wouldn’t help this kid out. I’d think he was trying to scam me.

  18. Scott6 says:

    The US would pass. People in America are amazingly generous. However, if you then asked the same Americans if they thought it was OK to levy a $1 tax to buy coats for poor children, they would say no. That’s how we’ve been brainwashed.

  19. BeccaM says:

    Thank you so much for the translation!

  20. Naja pallida says:

    Geeze, the best thing I’ve ever gotten at a bus stop was a $40 offer to give a blow job to a man wearing nothing but a trench coat and fedora.

  21. ferd says:

    OH, joy!!! Pangs of tearful joy!! Buy time to show this, with bigger subtitles, on FOX, and follow with something like, “We are meant to care for one another.” It’ll be a wonderful break from the non-stop fear, anger, and hate. No need to say sponsored by progressive this or that. Just show it. Most people are healthy enough to be drawn to goodness.

  22. If it was a black kid here in America, they would get a free coat… ing of lead bullets (up to 9 shots per car) at no charge!

  23. Oh wow, had no idea it was that.

  24. NorskBamse says:

    okay watched again… says,
    Children in Syria are freezing. Send “SOS” to 2160 (90 Norwegian Kroner (ca. $15 USD)) and give a warm jacket.
    SOS MAYDAY is a network of people that works when crisis happens.

    okay, back to those damn onion cutters!

  25. NorskBamse says:

    At the end it says imagine the children in Syria who are freezing. Send an SMS to donate and help. (going from memory and not replaying the video cause those damn invisible ninjas cutting onions nearby got ,my eyes watering.)

  26. pappyvet says:

    Thanks for this one John. Humanity does still exist though often hard to find.

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