Zoomable gigapixel photo of a human face (video)

Swiss photographer Daniel Boschung has taken the gigazoom photos we see of landscapes and applied them to the human face.


He has a number of examples of such photos on his Web site. You can pick a face and zoom in on any part of it. It’s a neat idea.

Here’s a bit more from his Web site:

Each picture consists of about 600 single shots with a size of 900 million pixels. The result is hyper realistic. A stubble turns into a trunk, a wrinkle into a canyon, the nostril into a cavern. These facial landscapes are dismaying – why? ”Emotions are completely missing. Emotions show up only briefly while Macro photography takes half an hour. The person has to stay motionless while being photographed by the robot” explains Boschung.


He has butterflies too, and some nastier bugs.

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3 Responses to “Zoomable gigapixel photo of a human face (video)”

  1. I loved seeing the light expand in his eye.

  2. just_AC says:

    There is some website – I can’t think of it at this early hour – from Engkand that does the same with every day objects such as a brick. Amazing when you get so close

  3. usagi says:

    That is a little freaky. There was a point that I felt like I was seriously violating their personal space by zooming in. The images themselves are remarkable though.

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