Seriously don’t knock on the glass at a hockey game (video)

A very excited woman at a hockey game last Thursday night decided to go up the glass and pound on it as the players were skating by.

Unfortunately, she got more of an up-close experience than she’d bargained for.


This was apparently a Montreal Canadiens vs. Columbus Blue Jackets NHL game.

I slowed it down in the clip above. You can see it real time in the clip below. Basically, one player checked the other into the glass, the glass (or plastic, whatever it is) bowed, and the lady went flying back into her seat. In the video, it’s clear she went down pretty hard. She’s lucky she wasn’t hurt (I’ve been googling and can’t find any more info on her).

Man in sportsland are not too sympathetic to the lady. Apparently, a lot of them aren’t too thrilled with people who bang on the glass.

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