The trailer they should have made for the movie “Twilight”

I only today discovered “Honest Trailers” on YouTube (I know).

They’re a series of movie trailers the way they should be – honest movie trailers that tell you the good, the bad and the ugly of what you’re going to see at the box office. And they’re awfully funny.

One of my favorites was from “Twilight,” the series of teenage-vampire movies (I liked the first one, then got bored).


VOICE OVER: A film that teaches young girls that the only thing that matters is finding a man – a hundred-year-old man. But don’t worry, it’s not pedophilia, because he looks 17.
VOICE OVER: A film that conditioned a generation of girls to think that love is keeping tabs on each other every waking moment.
EDWARD: I like watching you sleep.
BELLA: Do you do that a lot?
EDWARD: Just the last couple of months.
VOICE OVER: Uh, I know this looks creepy, but it’s really romantic in the movie.

You could lose yourself in these. I did. (The Hunger Games one is cute, as is the one about The Walking Dead, a show I finally deleted from my DVR two weeks ago.) Enjoy.

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